Minutes This category is an archive of all documented pads and protocols that were originally in live-documents. Here they are copied into discourse. Proposals Meetings This category is for organizing meetings offline and online and store information that is generated by those meetings by soring protocols and pads in the thread of the event, and as well in the <a href="">collection of pads and protocols</a>. Infrastructure Our community stories lead to technical specifications of our community-supported infrastructure Governance Participatory design and social responsibility for the protected Commons of TransforMap
Commoning [Commoning] (1)
Charter for Building a Data Commons for a Free, Fair and Sustainable Future [Governance] (10)
Mapping for the Commons Manifesto [Governance] (8)
Calling for an Intermapping weekend end of 2018 ( 2 ) [Commoning] (22)
Quo vadis, TransforMap? [Commoning] (9)
Neuorganisierung der Discoursekategorien [Infrastructure] (3)
kommentierte Liste aktiver Kartierungsprojekte im Frühsommer 2018 [Commoning] (4)
necessary adaptation to reinforce the commoning process ( 2 ) [Governance] (26)
Pointers to methodic work practices in form of questions [Governance] (2)
Open real-time collaboration protocols for open communities. Avoid Slack. [Infrastructure] (10)
Mapping as a commons (manifesto) [Governance] (20) [Infrastructure] (12)
Which TransforMap web services exist? [Infrastructure] (5)
Reflecting on our Experience with Taiga [Infrastructure] (1)
collection of pads and protocols [Minutes] (1)
principles for commoning TransforMap - generating a global mapping commons [Governance] (3)
Separate Commons and Commerce to make it work for the Commons [Governance] (20)
Using co-budget for allocating resources [Commoning] (16)
What are Matrix and Riot? [Infrastructure] (2)
Producing digital commons with an Erlenmeyer flask [Commoning] (3)
Managing money through donations [Governance] (11)
Discourse adaptations to TransforMap's needs ( 2 ) [Infrastructure] (21)
ownCloud : Files, collaborative Documents, Calendars and Contacts : Request account here [Infrastructure] (16)
Mailing lists ( 2 3 4 ) [Infrastructure] (76)
Weekly project schedule [Meetings] (16)
Requests for mapping event facilitation [Meetings] (2)
Reflections on Scrum implementation and practice [Governance] (5) landing page ( 2 3 ) [Infrastructure] (43)
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