Commoning   Governance

Charter for Building a Data Commons for a Free, Fair and Sustainable Future (10)
Mapping for the Commons Manifesto (8)
necessary adaptation to reinforce the commoning process ( 2 ) (26)
Pointers to methodic work practices in form of questions (2)
Mapping as a commons (manifesto) (20)
principles for commoning TransforMap - generating a global mapping commons (3)
Separate Commons and Commerce to make it work for the Commons (20)
Managing money through donations (11)
Reflections on Scrum implementation and practice (5)
Process for participatory online decision-making (4)
an Introduction to Sociocracy (9)
Calling the governance circle to meet (8)
TransforMap and MMM ( 2 ) (25)
conversation and collaboration (9)
bringing a governance development circle (ants) to life (2)
Sociocratically inspired Governance Structure proposal pre-Potsdam (4)
Are we an organization, or better to say, which aspects of an organization do we have (3)
distributed leadership (1)
List of community rules (8)
Proposals for rules (2)
Study on governance (6)
Our vision, our politics (2)
How we found a name for our working structure ( 2 ) (21)