Thematic This sub-category gathers discussions that related to test mapping that are done with thematic communities: e.g. the social and solidarity economy is inputing its data on local initiatives into TransforMap.
Community buckets Post and review mini-proposals for funding (buckets) here!
Regional This sub category gathers discussions connected to local/regional test-mappings.
Research The research category gathers all discussion that have a focus on researching the TransforMap/MMM process and all data that may derive from it.<br>This may be discussing specific paper, a research agenda for TransforMap...
German Deutsche Beiträge hierher.<br>This category category serves German discussions.
Berlin Berlin's TransforMap Circle is the first to create regular local group meetings. The aim is to channel discussions with people in and around Berlin.
Intermapping Here we publicly convene around subjects of the <a href="">Mapping the Transformations</a> <a href="">Commons Space</a> at the <a href="">World Social Forum 2016</a>.
Communication & Outreach This category is about our communication flows and outreach strategies.

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