Community buckets Post and review mini-proposals for funding (buckets) here! Research The research category gathers all discussion that have a focus on researching the TransforMap/MMM process and all data that may derive from it.<br>This may be discussing specific paper, a research agenda for TransforMap... Regional This sub category gathers discussions connected to local/regional test-mappings. Berlin Berlin's TransforMap Circle is the first to create regular local group meetings. The aim is to channel discussions with people in and around Berlin. German Deutsche Beiträge hierher.<br>This category category serves German discussions. Thematic This sub-category gathers discussions that related to test mapping that are done with thematic communities: e.g. the social and solidarity economy is inputing its data on local initiatives into TransforMap. Communication & Outreach This category is about our communication flows and outreach strategies. Intermapping Here we publicly convene around subjects of Intermapping the many Transformaps. Send an email to <code></code> for messages to appear here.
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