Vocabularies and Data

Wandelwoche Import Complete [Imports] (1)
transform our data modeling process from OpenStreetMap to Linked Data. [Vocabularies and Data] (4)
Unix Philosophy [Vocabularies and Data] (6)
How to handle addresses which were estimated by a geocoder? [Vocabularies and Data] (5)
How to add Opening Hours to a POI [Imports] (2)
Integrate ISO 3166-2 Country Subdivision-Information [Vocabularies and Data] (4)
initiatives and places [Imports] (2)
how lively is the OSM proposal process? [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (2)
Extracting machine readable schema from OSM [Vocabularies and Data] (4)
How to map regional networks? [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (6)
Clarification of tag goals [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (8)
Mapping needs, but also the flows of material [Vocabularies and Data] (4)
Feedback & Suggestions collected [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (1)
New Discourse Category "Taxonomy"? [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (3)
Taxonomy Categories; Compatibility with NORA on CAN? [Taxonomies] (1)
Providing privacy in public collected data [Vocabularies and Data] (1)
Tax 2.0: reworking political identities [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (6)
TransforMap Taxonomy - Overview [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (2)
iTT - inofficial Transformap Taxonomy [OpenStreetMap Taxonomy] (3)
Non-public, commons data [Vocabularies and Data] (2)