15MMM - How to start ....

(TransforMap Collective) #1

The preparations for the #15mmm, aka as Mapping Month May, are in last phase and ready to start! But, be aware that we’re not an organization, so this process will evolve through your feedback and contributions! :smile:

We are in touch with a number of groups that are interested in testmapping (see list here).To maximize impact we want to have open communications. Therefore, there is a thread on Discourse (our forum) for all the local discussions related to the test mapping of each partner. Find your thread here.
You will need to register on Discourse (this forum).
Check out the roadmap below for more information.

We are assembling a list of Frequently Asked Questions as well. You can check there for answers and add new questions.

We hope to use the testmapping also to improve the documentation of TransforMap. Please use the Discourse forum actively by pointing out things that are difficult to follow/understand, gaps and missing points, etc. If in doubt where to ask, use your regional thread.

If you have questions, suggestions, log in in our forum platform and post it in your dedicated thread or find a relevant thread on the forum.

This is a draft of a guide for joining our MMM15 efforts. It is work in progress, it grows from your comments and questions. Be bold. This is not Wikipedia.

  1. Get on board

  2. Find your discussion thread on the forum. There are some important categories for #15mmm: regional (if you’re running a local/regional test mapping) or thematic (if you are from an existing community: eg. Transition Towns).

  3. Have a look at available tools and pick one or more and start using them. Feel free to ask questions about those tools to make sure you use the one that fits yours needs. And then don’t forget to provide feedback using your dedicated thread.

  4. Collect available data. There are a few ways to collect data about local initiatives/places:

    • contact persons who are well networked to ask them to share their knowledge, or even better, to take part in the Mapping Month locally.
    • spread the word that you’re looking for existing listings/maps of initiatives. This is frequent that someone has already started the job. Get them in or get their data. There are ways to import databases/spreadsheets in-bulk, saving you quite a bit of work.
    • organise a map jam by inviting the initiatives you know to get together and share knowledge. You can can start a simple spreadsheet if people are really not into getting into their computers or use our online form or start a map for your city on UMAP… be creative and tell us about it!
  5. Plug into the TransforMap discussion. There are many ongoing discussion topics - don’t forget to use the search tool (top right corner). Provide feedback, ask questions, propose solutions! Don’t be afraid, we all have different skills, and we’re here to learn together. Acquaint yourself with the different discussions and feel free to contribute with your own views and experience!

List of 15mmm test mapping locations
Jules de Roos
INDIA - Vikalp Sangam