15mmm Roadmap for regional coordinators

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

Here is an uncomplete list of things that each TransforMap contact person for the local testmappings should/can think about. Complete the list whenever you see a need for it.

Get started!

  • identify people to run the local/regional testmappings and convince them to get involved.
  1. get the conversation started with them and make sure the TransforMap community is aware of the engagement of the respective local partner in 15mmm. Direct them to your regional thread
  2. if possible, open conversations in the partner’s language to clarify details
  3. provide the local partners with information and individual support basically pointing to existing content on discourse (screencasts). We suggest to focus on three main items to start with:
  4. What is 15MMM and what for is 15MMM?
  5. What tools do we provide?
  6. And most importantly tell them (how) to use the FAQs?

Once started:

  • point the local partners regularly to news/updates (weekly digest?)
  • help them select the most appropriate tool
  • encourage local partners to ask their questions in the FAQ category or point them to the answers already displayed in the FAQ
  • encourage local partners to use Discourse as communication platform (so that individual conversations can help others: each local mapping process has an own thread on Discourse. See the sub-category Regional
  • others? (Please complete)

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