2015-09-15 Meeting with INKOTA for SSEDAS

@josef and @almereyda visit INKOTA (as lead partner for the mapping work-package in the SSEDAS-Project)


in the Inkota Offce
Chrysanthemenstraße 1-3,
10407 Berlin.

We bring cake and they have coffee : )

Meeting summary @almereyda, @josef?

In very brief,

Josef and Jon were there.
Jon opened full disclosure the difficulties, including the current crisis, as well as the promising developments.

SSEDAS (in Person Jan Urhahn & Alessa Heuser) is now fully informed about the tensions between commons and commerce, as well as personal tensions, as well as my failures, that caused that personal tensions, as well as the challenge to manage as a commons.

We established a good personal relation of trust, and are going forward with getting it specified and done.

The outcomes of the first SSEDAS-Partner-Questionnaire was shared with great interest.

As next step, we enable Inkota as test-rabbit to collect initiatives, and prepare a summary of conclusions form the questionnaire to send to the partners.