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In following our recently aquired rhythm, we are meeting every 4th Monday from now on.

Next date

Tempelhofer Ufer 23/24
:globe_with_meridians: http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2551527703
U Möckernbrücke, Gleisdreieck
S Anhalter Bahnhof

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Extend it with your perspectives at will!


See http://hyphe.medialab.sciences-po.fr/demo/ and look out for the TransforMap project.

  • Scoping a hybrid ETL architecture

Quo vadis?

  • Sharing City Berlin import?
  • Offline mapping?
  • Mapping Public Intensities?
  • Wikidata?
  • Metamaps?
  • value flows?


  • @kei
  • Micha von Pappsatt
  • Heather, Ksenya and David - plus full moon event afterwards around the corner


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Das CI ist ebenfalls am Start!

Hier mal auch noch von mir ein externenr Hinweis.
ABC des Wissens - 08. Oktober 2015: "K=Kollaboration. Ohne Zusammenarbeit keine Commons?"

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Thanks for the ping. Please suggest what I could do to respond?

Do you remember the days when I meant to introduce OVNs to TransforMap? I mean we’re following each other’s tracks already for more than a year. And few resulted out of this circling.

My first step is still to create a Dossier.


can be used for any linklist by just appending a term, like:


The source is available by using the small edit button, or having a look at


Would you mind preseeding such a thing for the vf namespace?
With Lynn turning famous and more than few ties flowing together, I see the need to reinforce this cooperation.

What would I need to do? There’s a current conversation going on about setting up a vf namespace website. Would that be the kind of preseed you are looking for?

I expect that you will be among the first to know when it’s up, but I’ll post it here, too.

And then there’s this issue, which TransforMap might find interesting:

I’d like to have more discussion focused on Offers and Wants. They seem to be universal, but their evolution into actual intertrading is not very well specified.

Anyway, I’m eager to collaborate on any of this stuff.

P.S. the agent and organization stuff is moving the fastest. If TransforMap could emit that kind of data in the upcoming format, you could use this lovely app to visualize it: http://holodex.enspiral.com/

Not ~quite~ ready yet, but Lynn says it is getting close.

Hmm, close. If I digged in my bookmarks yet, I’d find a list somewhere with links to the OVN and NRP presentations on Google Presentations. These links could then run into such a Dossier we could develop together.


for example? Good it has a name now which is broad but precise.

The issue you mention is tough stuff to digest. My first intuition was to think it in context of the gazeteer discussion:

Following this train of thought, TransforMap then ought not to be the place to formulate a singular vocabulary, but to specify how we collectively bridge them. Not only the experts. @amy introduced the idea of TransforMap as a spec to us. Some owl experiments are yet to come.
How abstract should these ontologies be formulated? In a sense that the logical density of any data compound doesn’t neccessarily have to overstrain the end user involved in discussing these issues. @bblfish and @adoraa would now have place to serve some Category Theory and let’s go! :rocket:

But we could definitely also find perspectives where, if not accessible to a broad audience, such a conversation can/has to be accompanied by another in simpler language.

In our case we assume any schema as being in progress at all times. Therefore whichever vocabulary we cross in our ETL process will just be archived for later inference. Also there needs to be space for ambiguity and debate. The collaborative tools to mediate these conversations don’t exist yet, though. Ping me for more info regarding this aspect of the world’s complexity (the Brian Sletten quote) from our perspective, if you’re interested.

Wezer and Netention are interesting examples. One could easily add Sharetribe and Hylo to this list. The latter is already official part of the enspiral Open Apps Ecosystem. They just open sourced their core business value, too.

In my personal thinking, I refer to this now as givetake but this has to do with the thing explainer.

Looking at ESSGlobal, they mention goods, products or material, but no namely resources. The classes don’t appear to me to be strictly modeled with especially resource flows in mind, but can probably be seen as an inventory of aspects of an SSE initiative. I may be wrong here, so @mariana can probably help out?

If you haven’t yet, read her summary of the ESSGlobal activities. It mentions the social need for using these interoperable vocabularies to improve cooperation by actively using such data models. I will have to get back to it with thought and deliberation soon anyhow.

Looking at this issue for a few days now, it’s getting clearer to me where we stand with this.

We’re in place first with the plp stack. Did you notice the central icon at the bottom of transformap.co? It leads to Alex’ Open Steps directory.

Second our interest is also to offer single sign on to our users. Firefox Accounts is the closest which combines this functionality with profiles. Then OKFn in some country (Czech Republic?) is going to use Discourse for community profiles, which also offers SSO. Back then we even discussed a lot about PLP with them, but this never materialized.

Further links and considerations live at

:clipboard: create single sign on for all of transformap infrastructure
:clipboard: sso

Third, managing the infrastructure and the software development process seem to be shadowing political discussions about schema and working with the data in our collection of mappings. Why I will propose to branch these activities into their own Commons, so TransforMap can breath political-economy air again.

Strictly WiP

Fourth cooperations change over time. Few weeks before I was about to deploy the new Persona branch from plp, @elfpavlik abandoned it in favour of webprofiled, so no editable and authenticated directories for now. I can’t jump in there, as I have been told to wait for the new iteration. Until then I could jump back to the older commits, but we’d need a little more UI than currently available for our community.

Enspiral’s work is of course especially comforting. I’m trying to get through for running CoBudget for TransforMap, but the distance is not helping at all in establishing the conversation. I’ve once heard @francesca is on their board somewhere, but never confirmed the fact.

  • What’s their solution to the SSO question, by the way?
  • Should we use Discourse for profiles, too, and finally approach this PLP plugin?

More at a given time.

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