2015-11-25 | Berlin | Federating Civic Data

Federating civic data , Berlin 25.11.2015, 19:30 - 21:30



GrünAnteil, Motte

Fabian: hard work to get the inititatives to provide data directly. Strong interest to connect with Stadtacker. Grünanteil starts in Hamburg, but it doesn’t need to be restricted to HH. Would be nice to have this going in other cities. Strong interest to connect with Berlin in Wandel (especially about the content for networking). Could be about sharing ideas about new tiles, etc. Will to have a look into mmm.3oe.de. WIlling to go for concrete bilateral collaboration.

Stadtacker, offene Werkstätten

Frauke: shame that there is so much redundancy. The maintenance of the data is critical. Need to have local communities to care/update data. How to involved users who are not technical. With TransforMap it happened that only technical people are still in the process. Shame, that was a very good aspect.

id22, Spreeacker

Claudia: starting to understand language of mapping. WIlling to be a test user. Don’t know where to start to get involved. What is the status quo? Need documentation to inform people.

Global Ecovillage Network, grünanteil

Ralf: very much in favour of a tile server. Working with mapbox now. Next step for that is vector-based tiles. Potential to make our tools available in global south (Sao Paulo).

Italia che cambia, Berlin im Wandel

Alex, Luca: they want to propagate what worked in Italy in Germany. Want to better know other existing projects. More interest in very practical collaboration as starting point. The mapping is just a tool to show content (the value added of L’Italia che Chambia). It didn’t start as a map. It evolved from the practice. Started with GoogleMaps. Started new project with OSM. There will never be so much data as in other maps like Leerstandsanmelder.

OKFN Irland

Ingo: also doing lobbying to push for frameworks that are supportive of open data. But still looking for a business model to fund such activities.


Denjell: einige tausend Datensätze
API jetzt neu, nicht mehr Ruby
they want that people use their data to do things with it
Bonn < du siehst die Straße nicht
5 Jahre, 10, 15 Jahre
documentary work
very annoyed by the tiles servers: ugly, slow. We want to do something about that. There can be work done in developing nicer tiles: opportunity to inolved non-technical people . API use in Januar. Tiles server running on IPFS is the knaller! It’s about one hackathon one weekend…


Adrien, Jon


  • Benennung von Apfelbäumen und deren Sorten
  • Mehrsprachigkeit und variierende Bedeutungen


  • Linked Data > akademisch
  • Wikidata
  • RDF : Dublin Core
  • Microdata, JSON-LD
  • Normierung


  • Anwalt der AGBs schreibt
  • ODbL - Public Domain (not sure how this is compatible with German law)


Publish your data! APIs, Database dumps, raw datasets
Licence your data! CC BY-SA, CC-0, ODbL, “Public Domain”; apicommons.org
< better than bilateral aggreements
Version your data! Append-only logs and Merkle DAGs can be of help.

Lobby work in alignment with OKFn, OGC, W3C (with administration to encourage)
Network: reifies when acting together
maintain personal networks
identify specific groups
Articulate problems, tell stories
practical exchange
evaluate outcomes in short

Time Frames

Folgeveranstaltung ~ März/April
ab Juli Tile Server?

Open Questions

Open Coalition?
Open Group UDEF > Open Data Element Framework < Grammar