2015-12-05 | Sprint retrospective #2 and sprint planning #3 online meetings

Approaching the end of yet another scrum sprint, it will be again time for retrospective and making up new plans with the current @scrum team, @species, @almereyda, @josefkreitmayer, @alabaeye, @gandhiano

The meeting provides an opportunity for anyone to join the scrum development team. New participants should ideally attend the sprint planning meeting on its full extent (2 blocks of 6 hours).

Please enter up to Tuesday (Nov 31st) evening your available time blocks on:


The retrospective and planning meetings dates will be announced on December 1st.

@kei This is probably the only reasonable chance for the Sunday session with the whole team we have been talking about earlier.

The dates for the sprint retrospective and planning are decided!

For the current scrum team, of compulsory participation @species, @almereyda, @gandhiano, @alabaeye, @josefkreitmayer (others nevertheless welcome to join as observers):

For the next sprint, open for new people to join the team (@kei, @Simon_Sarazin, others ?):

  • Backlog grooming, formulate user stories: Sunday Dec 6th 10-13h, Mumble or Hangout (state your preference)
  • Sprint planning meeting, Tuesday Dec 8th 10-13h: Mumble or Hangout (state your preference)

So, the current scrum team I hope to meet tomorrow to go through all that we have done, not done, and how we can improve for the future. And hopefully some new people will join the team for the next sprint by taking part AT LEAST on Tuesday’s meeting.

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Hi @gandhiano,

I can’t make the call this Sunday, but would be happy to join on Tuesday 8/12 if I can be useful. I’ve never used Mumble, but can do either that or hangouts. Just let me know.

Hi @kei, it would be very nice to have you joining on Tuesday. On Saturday we will only go through formulating user stories on the project backlog. You are welcome to also asynchronously contribute to it (just sent you an invite to join the taiga board)

As for the communication, if you are ok with setting up Mumble, I would suggest to make our call there.

The sprint retrospective is starting now and everyone on the team (@TDoennebrink, @toka, @josefkreitmayer, @wellemut, @Giuliana, @Silke, @species, @alabaeye, @rene, @iramollay, @amy, @elfpavlik, @simonline, @Michael, @EllenFriedman, @DagmarE, @kei, @DavidBollier, @gandhiano) is welcome to follow it on the live pad.

@species @gandhiano The milestones fork seems to be working now:

Please make yourself comfortable with

if you intend to change the look and feel of the site. Else feel free to play around with

@gandhiano I want to strongly argue for not using the “close spint” function in taiga for the #2 Sprint, as it would delete all the current track-keeping, that e.g. is helpful for my related tasks that are underway.

Today I will not be able to join, but will ad 2 - 3 user stories to the backlog.

For anyone interested, we are working on the user stories (leftovers from last sprint and backlog). This is the time/place to add anything you think is missing from the whole picture.

Feel invited to join our live notes and to check/comment on the TransforMap backlog.

Today we did some backlog grooming, reviewing, refining and adding new stories by collaborating on the new very nice hackpad (tks @almereyda for deploying it!).

We want to invite all interested people in the TransforMap community (@Team @Scrum @Luca @kei @Simon_Sarazin, among others) to review the current backlog and help in refining existing stories or proposing new stories, until Tuesday 9:30 AM CET. You can do that by commenting, editing, or writing any stories on [that same hackpad]((https://notes.transformap.co/Scrum-Backlog-Grooming-2015-12-06-WxoErL4wmwd#:h=Stories-to-add-and/or-refine).

At 10 AM we then start the sprint planning meeting, where stories will be pasted to the backlog, prioritised and the next 2 weeks of work planned. Apparently with an enlarged team :slight_smile:

Please note that you need to register in order to edit, although you can always read it. Don’t worry about all that Dropbox stuff around - hackpad has been recently open sourced and this instance is hosted on our own infrastructure.

can we help somehow with that?

would you like to join our backlog grooming?

We are in mumble

@toka would you join the Taiga Board, that would help a lot with task-oriented communication:


@josefkreitmayer are you preferring general discussion to be here and core team comms in Taiga? Just wondering as I cannot see a way to add comments there. Just checking.

sorry, currently i wont add another tool to my stack …

@Scrum currently I feel somehow like hijacked by CHEST and SSEDAS. Could you think about separating transformap goals and work towards them of project specific topics ?

Can you a provide a concrete example of what you mean by a Transformap goal which is not currently represented by the stories in the backlog?

That is not the problem. The backlog is a mixture of project specific tasks and transformap specific tasks.
Decisions done for transformap in all this other communication channels (taiga, trello, hackpad, etherpad) are not transparent for this discourse public.

CHEST is a funding that directly emerges from efforts of the broad TransforMap community and therefore I see no mismatch between “project specific” and “transformap specific”. It also underwent, to the extent of my knowledge (I was less involved in TransforMap then) a legitimate work and decision making process.

SSEDAS is a service delivery to a consortium of organisations related to solidarity economy. It was not, to the extent of my knowledge legitimately agreed and openly discussed in the TransforMap community. I basically started my active contributions to TransforMap when this issue emerged, so got very involved in the whole story.

Now, while I understand your point that you find a mix of specific SSEDAS stories and TransforMap ones, I would still argue that:

  1. the process is transparent to this discourse public, just that it might not be yet enough to address the and efforts are being made to make it clearer to everyone (e. g. regular communication, an introduction to the process, etc.)

  2. at the moment I see as problematic a separation of the “project-specific” stories and the TransforMap stories. For me, the point is that projects and fundings should contribute, to the extent possible, to support the developments that the TransforMap community finds as prioritary. Separating it, would mean that it we will have a team focused on delivering products to partners, parallel non-matching developments, etc. For example, I like to see SSEDAS as a real-world testbed TransforMap technologies

  3. Everyone is invited to formulate new stories (on the hackpad) and to join the team (on Tuesday, or the next sprint planning meeting). Those who are on taiga (and everyone can be, just ping me) can also vote stories up or down, helping to settle a list of priorities on which the scrum team (which should respond to the community needs, not singular projects) will work on.

If, in the future, more people are engaged, we can have a second team and get e.g. SSEDAS split apart, because it has in fact a few deliverables which are hard to make matching with TransforMap’s own vision. But at least for the next iteration I don’t see a sense in separating this.

Actually it doesn’t even diverge too much of our vision and even extends it to a concrete perspective where a minimal, but complete narrative seems appropriate. It’s just one of the other communities that work with us, but contributing resources to the overall process and thus something like a well welcome plugin.

@toka, I found a quote by @almereya, that basically describes my 5 cents.

Even though, I see CHEST and SSEDAS speparated, and also see, that I would not put too much community related aspects in the sprint, but would like to (re-)activate the circle structure, we developed in Potsdam, I think, too many separations just create more namespaces and entities to take care of.