2015-12-05 | Sprint retrospective #2 and sprint planning #3 online meetings

The sprint planning meeting is starting on Mumble (server voip.open-resource.org).

@scrum @kei @Luca @toka

If anyone has difficulty in joining please ping me.


10:00-10:30 - Adding new/revisioned stories from the hackpad to the backlog
10:30-11:00 - Voting and prioritizing stories (everyone welcome to, also those not taking part @Team - just need your address to invite to Taiga)
11:00-12:40 - Planning poker
12:40-13:00 - Setting the sprint

There is no pad or live notes on the sprint planning meeting. If you want to passively follow, keep an eye on the taiga project timeline

Voting on stories

In the next half an hour we will be voting to help get the most important stories for a larger number of people to go up. Most voted stories are more probable to be taken by the @scrum team to the next sprint(s).

Feel welcome to cast your vote on any stories of the backlog now

Note: to cast a vote you need to enter the user story and then on the top left you have a number (number of votes) with an arrow up (add your vote) or possibly down (remove your vote)

We are nearly finished with the planning part. @kei would you be able to join again now, so that we can refine and estimate efforts on the landing page story?

We are working on refining this on a new hackpad document, which can also be further used as a document to further structure/document/develop the landing page concept

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We have a new sprint!

As some team members were not present, we made the choices of what stories to include based on previous stated wishes. If you have an opposition to the inclusion of some story, or absolutely need to get another in, please discuss it here.

Welcoming @kei on the @scrum team!

Merry Xmas sprint or walk! :santa: :evergreen_tree: :mushroom: :runner: :walking:

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@gandhiano and @species I want to appologize for my short appearance today at the sprint planning meeting. As I am a little sick, and also a little bit overwhelmed with personal and work related tasks before boarding the plane to india on thursday 7:00 am. I am sorry for the way I behaved, and am really happy, that we saw it would be better that I leave the meeting again.

##I am very happy with the outcome by the way.
##I am very happy, that we can continue working on the tasks started in the last sprint.

##I am as well very happy to welcome @kei on board.

Thank you both @species and @gandhiano for being at the bridge.