2015-12-14 Webinar: Mapping the New Economy

Mapping the New Economy: A Webinar

I though this may be of interest here.

#Mapping the New Economy: A Webinar |

Hosted by the Next System Project, the New Economy Coalition, and the Real Economy Lab

Please join the Real Economy Lab, the Next System Project and the New Economy Coalition on December 14 at 9am PT, noon ET, 5pm GMT for an interactive webinar discussion on mapping the next system.


I’ve registered.

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@mattw that is great, thank you!
We got that from various sides, and I think it is important to have people from the TransforMap ecosystem present.

Notes: https://text.allmende.io/p/Mapping_the_new_economy

slides from Jules Peck, Real Economy Lab: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-iEf0Wvj3FQTnd5YWZfenJhQ3M/view