2015 12 16 | Oxford | P6Data Hack Day

(Jon Richter) #1

We are going to have a short intervention right after Lille with our colleagues @ColmJunior (:point_right: more) and @mattw (:point_right: more) from the Institute for Solidarity Economics on December 16th in Oxford, UK.

Read more about it here.

Proposal for converging Semeoz work and Transformap wiki of maps
Colm Massey
(Jon Richter) #2

This is indeed interesting data. Do they somewhat restrict access to certain domain names by surveying applicants governance implementations?

Their website is rather mystical. Also their footer Twitter link is broken.
So you are actively engaging in political work?

(Colm Massey) #3

They do act as gatekeepers to the domain and applicants do need to provide some evidence that their organisation is a genuine co-operative under the ICA definition of a co-operative. I’ll be meeting them again in two weeks and will find out more how much data they have and are happy to make open.

Not sure about mystical but definitely thin on content at the moment. We are hosting their first hack day, so maybe after that we’ll have more substance for it. Details below. All welcome.
P6Data Hack Day in Oxford Uk

(Jon Richter) #4

Yes, please do so!
We still have a preregistration for transformap.coop from last year open with them and we’d feel highly inclined if they supported our case with the donation of this SLD.
Unfortunately the preregistration had been issued by a former crew member, why we cannot access it anymore. Still, the domain is free and available for order.
Meeting their eligibility guidelines seems wouldn’t be a problem for TransforMap, I suppose.

If it turns out to happen within week 51, I’d probably be able to join under circumstances. We currently plan a session in Lille just a week before, so I’d be on the moves and in the area.
If it is indeed happening in the Oxford, UK, you could also invite students and staff from OII.

(Colm Massey) #5

I only know the one Oxford, UK. :wink:

(Jon Richter) #6

Yeah, OpenStreetMap knows quite a few:

See http://codebeautify.org/jsonviewer/1cef0a for a beautified example output of http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/search/Oxford?format=json

(Jon Richter) #7

The wiki page linked in

nor the Doodle linked from there reveal when a decision upon a date will be made.
As I see the proposed dates are still slightly shifting with more people joining the poll, I’d be interested in @josefkreitmayer and @gandhiano’s opinion about their availability for joining in there end of the year/beginning of next year.
They could then directly propose their intent in http://doodle.com/poll/krd4qxwhhukzpzba.

(Matt Wallis) #8

It would be great @almereyda, @josefkreitmayer, @gandhiano and anyone else from the TransforMap community were able to attend the P6Data Hack Day in Oxford. Please add your availability to http://doodle.com/poll/krd4qxwhhukzpzba so that we can try to pick a date when you can make it.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #9

hello @mattw @ColmJunior once mentioned the possibility, he could find funding for the data interoperability project. Could you provide travel expenses for 1 participant from our side?

(Matt Wallis) #10

Hi @josefkreitmayer . I think we should be able to provide travel expenses, but can you tell me how much for 1 person? We are planning to have the hack day on Weds 16th December. Would that be OK for you?
If you are coming to Oxford, it would great if you could spend and extra day here (either Tuesday or Thursday) for further discusions.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #11

@almereyda if you are interested and able to join, could you estimate travel expenses?

(Jon Richter) #12

I’ve estimated prices for travel days just before and after the workshop.
I could get a TXL - LHR return ticket for ~ 200 €

12:55 TXL 13:50 LHR 1:55 Std.
14:35 LHR 17:25 TXL 1:50 Std.

An adjacent train service to Oxford would take ~ 40 £ for an Off-Peak return ticket

13:57 Heathrow > Oxford [OXF] 15:17 1h 20m
11:31 Oxford [OXF] > Heathrow 13:05 1h 34m

when booking now.
But I may also be tempted to come a day earlier and leave a day later.

(Matt Wallis) #13

Great. We can cover those expenses. And it would be good if you can stay for longer than the one day of the hack - I’m sure we’ll have a lot to discuss.

By the way, the easiest way to get from LHR to Oxford is on the coach - there’s a direct service every half an hour. Buy a return ticket online, or from the driver (but you have to pay the driver by cash - no cards accepted).

(Jon Richter) #14

Okay, let’s say 14 to 19 then. There’s an opportunity for a christmas session of Mapping the Commons here in Berlin the 21st.

Where and how will I be lodged?
@josefkreitmayer I will provide you with concrete flight itineraries for booking by, say, tomorrow. You will only then be reimbursed by @mattw, as far as I understood. Or should they do it directly? I’d actually love to see this transaction in the later CHEST accounting reports.

I’m sure I can find some cash for the coach.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #15

@almereyda please provide @mattw with travel details and costs, so he can budget.
@mattw what would be easier for you, to directly pay for the fare or reimburse? If direct is possible, I would apprechiate it as a reduction of paperwork.

All bookings for Jon are handled by others, so we would handle it via an organization in TransforMap, or via you directly.

(Matt Wallis) #16

Can I send you an email address in a private message? Is that possible on this discourse forum?

(Matt Wallis) #17

How would it work, to pay directly for the fare? If you are booking online, then it’s probably easiest to keep all transactions with the passenger. But let us know what you had in mind.
@ColmJunior, can you advise re payment options, please.

(Colm Massey) #18

We’ll need receipts of some form paper or receipts. We can take a
photocopy of return bus ticket when you’re here. Do you need an advance?
We can pay promptly, electronically.


(Josef Kreitmayer) #19

Usually Jon searches the fare, and then an organization books and pays in his place. That has the advantage there is no extra work needed for reimbursements.

(Jon Richter) #20

Since the last weeks have been very intense and the initial conversation led to a media breach back into hidden email streams, I am only now able to get back to this.

As of the unciteable conversation mentioned before, there is no possibility for @ColmJunior and @mattw to book in advance for third parties, but they can issue a reimbursment immediately upon reception of a receipt. Expectedly, flight prises rose since our last interactions and the proposed connection (14 - 19) is now at

12:55 TXL - 13:50 LHR
14:35 LHR - 17:25 TXL
333 €

What’s to be done now? Do we cancel the arrangement?