2015 12 16 | Oxford | P6Data Hack Day

(Colm Massey) #21

If this is the best price, please make the booking. If you need an advance, please message/email me privately colm@solidarityeconomics.org to arrange details.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #22

hello @mattw I was just in conversation with @almereyda. Sorry for the delay with the dates for possible booking. Next time we arrange differently with the entity paying for the fare getting enough information and clarity for being able to also immediately searching for it.

I can imagine the travel costs being higher than estimated? Would that be feasible for you?

(Jon Richter) #23

Nice coincidence @ColmJunior and @josefkreitmayer; your two postings happened in the same minute and answer each other.

(Matt Wallis) #26

@josefkreitmayer Sorry, I have only just caught up with this thread. Hopefully you have now made the booking - it is not something I’d volunteer to do for someone else, mostly because I hate doing this sort of thing for myself!

(Josef Kreitmayer) #27

@mattw @almereyda flight is booked for:

14. Dez. SXF 11:25 -> London LGW 12:30
19. Dez. London LGW 14:10 -> Berlin SXF 17:05

@almereyda, please check your mail for further processing.

@ColmJunior how should we handle the travel reimbursement best?

From my side the easiest would be to send:

  • (all via email)
  • invoice with travel details
  • flight booking / boarding card printout-pdf
  • bus Ticket printout-pdf

Costs will be at about 360€ including Gatwick to Oxford and back.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #28

hello @almereyda
as I will be in transport, and can´t do the online check in for you,

please serve yourself. All information is contained in the email you got at your gmail adress.

Here you find the bus from Gatwick to Oxford and Back:
A round trip ticket costs about 40 Pounds, and either have to book online, with the respective times of your flight, or you have to pay in cash at the bus-stop.

##good Luck! I am on my way to India and will be available again on the 14th.

(Colm Massey) #29

Emailed invoices or e-tickets will be fine.

(Paul Mackay) #30

@almereyda when you’re in the UK, would you have a bit of time for a call, or even a meetup if you happen to be anywhere near London?

(Jon Richter) #31

Call is always possible. There will be people with flat rates (as we call them in Germany) around.
Else, also interesting for @ColmJunior and @mattw, my sister has birthday the 18th and lives around MAN.
I may therefore get there the 17th and return to LON the 18th for a beer and overnight stay, before boarding the flight the 19th. Sounds actually good, doesn’t it?

(Matt Wallis) #32

@almereyda, did you take photos of the flip charts we drew on during our discussions on the day before the hack day?

(Colm Massey) #33

Just doing our accounts. Can’t seem to see if anyone has sent us receipts for Jon’s flight or details for who to refund.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #34

Hello @ColmJunior,

thank you for the reminder. I just sent the payment confirmation note from the airline to your info@ address.

I do not know, if there is some bus ticket open, that is to be clarified with @almereyda directly.

Thank you,
I hope you had a good Hack Day : )


(Colm Massey) #35

Thanks @josefkreitmayer. We have received it. No need for forms. We re-embersed @almereyda when he was here for the bus. Will wire flight cost next week.


(Josef Kreitmayer) #36

@ColmJunior thank you for the reimbursement. I can confirm reception.

I wonder, how did the Hack Day go? Is there any report available? What is your impression on your next steps?

(Matt Wallis) #37

The hack day went very well. I think it has influenced the future direction to be taken by some of the participants. Many thanks to @almereyda for his contribution.

There is a report on the Hack Day on our website. There’s also a A look at Co-ops UK Cooperative Economy Open Dataset 2015 on google docs, writing up one of the day’s activities in detail.

The hack day has also helped us (Institute for Solidarity Economics) to decide the approach that we are going to take. I will outline our strategy soon in another thread under Vocabularies and Data on this discourse. We’d like to engage the TransforMap community in this project.