2016 02 08—21 | Hackathon | Witzenhausen

We have settled our next 2 weeks scrum sprint, in the form of an in-person working session, for February 8th to 21st in Witzenhausen.

The focus of these two weeks of in-person collaborative work is to support concrete developments of the tools and platforms of Transformap.

Non-technical contributors for documentation, workflows, management and governance are also welcome.

We want to push forward the work that the @Scrumteam1 has been doing (see project board), while also reinforcing the team with new skills from additional contributors, such as @maxlath.

@Scrumteam1 we hope you all can join. Maybe @Luca and @toka also want to join this?

We have some funds allocated to fund this event, as well as to pay willing contributors. Please inform us here as soon as possible about your intention to take part, so that we can talk and prepare beforehand.

Link to public event with .ics

You can find the program, up-to-date notes and even chat with us on this hackpad

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At today’s standup we started to put together a program and objectives for the hackathon. You are welcome to contribute on the hackpad. On Friday’s standup we will discuss and finish the program.

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A Q&A webinar is planned on Friday 12th of February at 12:00 (tbd). Join us to ask all the questions you have about current status, plans, how-to, commoning process… !
Not available on Friday? You can also send your question by tweeting to @transformap or to the mailing list or even better put your question here!
Link will come soon. Visit this page again!

@gandhiano, @species @maxlath,
@almereyda from tomorrow evening
@alabaeye from the day after tomorrow,

I wish you all a good social process and productive technical development,

please document and share your process online as best as possible.
I am happy to contribute from a distance, and I think others might be interested as well.

Peace out for today, as it is already 23:00 here.

We are now working in


Just for documentation: our schedule for the next week:

i didnt get where you switched to from the hangout.
please help with a link or something
i would really really like to get up to speed on the project

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