2016 02 10 | Amersfoort | Geodata on The Web

(Jon Richter) #1

In the last two decades, location data has undergone many evolutions, due among other reasons to the development of the web. Many initiatives, related to the theme of Geodata on the Web, are currently on the go. This event will discuss the latest state of the art, both from the GIS perspective as well as the Web world. We bring together the Linked Data and GIS communities for a fruitful discussion of current and future steps to be taken.

Registration is free of charge


(Y'a la merde!) #2

We should definitely track this event and interact with some of its known participants via a Twitterstorm à la Edgeryders.


(@gandhiano could you create me this handle for the upcoming two weeks? I don’t have - and want - admin here.)

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #3

Yes. Do I understand well that it is @yalamerde instead of @almereyda who comes to Witzenhausen?

(Y'a la merde!) #4

That will depend on the daytime, probably. But you are right having revealed a certain distinction between the two personas. The same counts for their Twitter counterparts @almereyda and @lmereyda.