2016 03 25 | Bruxelles | Mapping 3.0

(Jon Richter) #1

We have received an invitation via Twitter to send someone to Mapping 3.0 in Bruxelles later that month.

Aujourd’hui, nous assistons d’une part à une multiplication rapide des initiatives citoyennes en Belgique, et d’autre part à la multiplication d’outils de mapping très conviviaux et faciles d’utilisation. Que du bon ! Malheureusement, les données cartographiques encodées ne sont pas toujours synchronisées entre les différentes cartes, pourtant collaboratives. Du travail est parfois perdu, et on assiste régulièrement à la naissance d’une “nouvelle carte super collaborative”, projet souvent très chouette, mais qui démarre d’une base de données vide et isolée des données encodées à d’autres endroits.
Cette réunion vise à aligner les différents acteurs présents sur une méthodologie compatible d’encodage et de lecture de données issues de cartes collaboratives. Cette formalisation permettra à de nouvelles initiatives de mapping de s’insérer facilement dans le canevas proposé. L’idée du nom, “Mapping 3.0”, vient de la nouvelle évolution dans la cartographie. “Mapping 1.0” = cartes individuelles; “Mapping 2.0” = cartes collaboratives sur base de données privées. “Mapping 3.0” = cartes collaboratives sur base de données collaboratives !

@johan @alabaeye We should at least link them to the activities in the CartoLab - Cartographie d’écosysteme.

@Simon_Sarazin Maybe due to your spatial proximity you want to go as TransforMap representative, after being briefed about the current situation?

(Jon Richter) #2

Dear @Simon_Sarazin, @Maia and @oceatoon.

Let’s communicate here about ongoing organizations; why I had shared the link in the first place.
To keep the communication out in the open.

Thanks in advance and looking forward seeing a representative for TransforMap over there.

@Maia Where are you located to book a train or bus service from?

(Johan) #3

I won’t be able to go to Bruxelles on March 25th however I’ll attend the DO-it yourself démocratie event in Paris next Saturday (19/03) which is organized by Démocratie Ouverte. I’m not sure about their awareness of Transformap but I sure hope to see some people there to talk about it! I could even present the project but I really wouldn’t the most knowledgeable…
Any recommendation?

And then there’s also the Synergie Démocratique week-end on April 16 & 17 which is really promising!

Lots of french initiatives in need of convergence IMHO.

(oceatoon) #4

Hi yall , Clement and Florent should also be at DO-it yourself démocratie to chat and present Communecter
We’ll try to be at Mapping 3.0 , could be interesting as well

any news from @TomShareable , I saw their , city networking event launched ,
even though it’s a bit early we could present the tool, it seems so appropriate , do they have a technical solution ?


(Maïa Dereva) #5

Hi everybody,
I live near Lille (north of France). But I’m afraid I am not available to go to Brussels.
But I shall be very attentive to the feed-back of the various events (Brussels, Paris,…) and shall propose a synthesis in english in the Facebook Group “Map of the maps” that can be the first link between all the “mapping 3.0” events :slightly_smiling:

(Jon Richter) #6

Hey @Maia thanks for jumping in offering a synthesis.

May I rather propose to keep the text in the open web, maybe a wiki page, a blog or some Discourse like this, and only link to such, especially with Facebook involved?

We tend to avoid centralized, commercial communication platforms in this grassroots work, as much as we avoid commercialized mapping platforms for the same reasons.

(Maïa Dereva) #7

Of course @almereyda, I can publish it in Semeoz’s WP blog for example.