2016 08 30 Degrowth conference - Budapest

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #23

The session is now ready to be submitted, with 3 abstract contributions. Already pinged @alabaeye to ask if he’s submitting but got no feedback. If I get no signal from @alabaeye r @kei in the next 10 minutes I will step over and submit myself.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #24

ok, @kei submitting, yay!

(kei) #25

Tis submitted!

Good work to all. :slight_smile:

(Jon Richter) #26

I feel honoured and a bit ashamed for the excellent ghost writing about federated cloud computing, as it seems major administrative, academic and business actors from Next Internet initiative lack awareness of civic interest in such large scale infrastructure.

Falk pointed out that in order for data-centric networking to work it needs to not only tackle technical problems of video distribution but also support the complex business relationships between content owners, content distributors, network operators, and end users. “We should find a way to build technical solutions that allow these business relationships to work,” he said.

Without mentioning a meshed, small-scale Commons approach would completely negate the issue.

Also see:

(Silke ) #27

@kei @alabaeye @gandhiano hi, just to inform you; I finally made the decision that I will be in Budapest, was invited to several panels, but if transformap related issues don’t overlap, I’d be happy to be there and contribute (but cannot be involved in the preparation as I have a packed summer programme and am offline btw. mid March and mid June. Silke

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #28

Do you have any information if our session was accepted @kei? As submitter, you probably also got the confirmation (or rejection).

(kei) #29

Yes we were accepted! I will forward all details now.

(Helmut) #30

Deaer TransforMappers

Thanks for organiszing our Degrowthparticipation! Is everything fixed allready or is it still possible to sugest something.

I would like to discuss our Positive factor proposal for KVM and maybe for TransforMap. Markus Kohlhase (@flosse)

Not scientific at all. Just how we can make it and how we want to do it!

Would that be intresting for you? Is there still a possibility to discuss that?

(Jon Richter) #31

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(Jon Richter) #32

Of course you are invited to stay with us at the

and bring your discussions with you. Yet I assume we will not be able to integrate your proposal’s aspects into the conference sessions.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #33

finally we got a suitable option for the degrowth conference: https://www.airbnb.at/rooms/10012388

It has enough space, stable internet, and ist about 15 min by several public transport lines.
We can host in total up to 10 people with 2 bathrooms, community kitchen and individual keys per every 2 people.

I will book it from the 26th Aug. to the 3rd sept. if there is no veto in the next hours. If someone thinks, it would be useful to also book the 4th, please drop a note.

Something aside: I just noticed, that I do not have a ticket for the conference yet, and the registration is already closed.

@gandhiano @almereyda @Silke any ideas?

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #34

I think until the 4th would be good, but this depends on how many are staying. Good to sit together and digest the conference.

Regarding tickets you probably have no chance, unless you get the place of someone. But there is a huge amount of events around the conference anyway.

(Adrien Labaeye) #35

I notice I don’t have a ticket either…

(Jon Richter) #36

We who have an accepted session are automatically registered, right?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #37

I booked until the 4th.
As I reviewed the programm, there is a final celebration going on the 3rd.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #38

Somewhat seems pointless to stick around to mingle at the side-events. | Any argument òr sideway to still get a ticket?

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #39

Not automatically, but I took care of it, so we are registered.

(Adrien Labaeye) #40

so am I registered as facilitator of the sesion?

(Silke ) #41

@josefkreitmayer my experience is, that at the latest on day 2 you find a way to join the sessions you really wish / need to join (paying if necessary, of course)

(Josef Kreitmayer) #42

Thank you @Silke, that gives me some perspective to be there.