29.4 ~ 3.5 : Witzenhausen Hackathon : Technical Infrastructure and Development

Parts of the TransforMap Developer Community are spontaneously meeting by the end of next week in Witzenhausen, where Ecobytes and a local Transition Network are located, to polish our tool chain for the Mapping Month March 2015.

Continuing the discussion from Regular meetings:

Main aims of this Code Sprint will be the

  • integration of TransforMap presets into the official OpenStreetMap iD Editor and a quick iteration of other Map Editors like uMap which we are currently investigating.
  • polishing of the TransforMap.co domain by turning it into a proper landing page.

And also continuing the discussion from Work Packages, Timeframe(s) & Budget:

After initial confusion about our decisions for the Technical Infrastructure and Development Work Package, @species and me improved its budget to fit

  1. travel subsidiaries for the Hackathon mentioned above plus
  2. development costs of the sprint’s aims while maintaining a
  3. regional group support budget which is available for respective local technological improvements.

Travel tickets with an explanation of the itineraries and our accounting process will now be distributed to the developers.

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Resources for this sprint are being collected at http://dossier.allmende.io/WitzSprint .

@silke, @Giuliana, @josefkreitmayer, @herrmellin, @dreusser, @gandhiano

Liebe MMM15 Regional-Betreuer,
schreibt bitte eure Anforderungen und Wünsche an die Monkeys bezüglich MMM15 hier auf, um uns beim Hackaton in der Spur zu halten …

Hallo @almereyda http://dossier.allmende.io/WitzSprint zeigt 502 gateway error.

Yes, I know :frowning: I’m working on it with the developer of HackDash. Also see

I have restructured the http://dossier.allmende.io/WitzSprint now to show at least the timeline.

Work in Progress


We’ve had a 15MMM Launch + TransforMap Team discussion, too!

I’ve blogged a month old write up of this hackathon to http://blog.14mmm.org/launching-15mmm/