About the Projects category

(TransforMap Collective) #1

Yes. Monetary issues still exist (hamster circle)

We work on sensitive data in protected sub-categories.

(Adrien Labaeye) #4

Who should be allowed to see the content of this group? @almereyda @josefkreitmayer
I suggest we should review the current trust levels and streamline the various groups there are and choose about criteria.
I also think this Funding category should be then subdivided with a sub category with a stronger level of trust. The general Funding category should be then quite open as discussion relating to potential proposals should be quite open.

(Jon Richter) #5

We can also create different security groups (admin-only link) as we like. So we can have a more fine-grained control than just with Trust Levels and Moderator or Admin statuses.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #8

like the idea of having a finance core team or hamsters nest group in the security levels. what do you think of temporary sub-categories, as currently CHEST, CAPS and FCF. I am not sure how open to communicate them, as they are somehow delicate? Especially CHEST and FCF, I would restrict to core contributors. The hamster nest group could be that contributors.

(Thomas Kalka) #9

@josefkreitmayer, @alabaeye, @almereyda We should agree not to work on any first level category.
Some subcategories will be open to general public , some not.

Consensus ?
Delete your contributions, if this is the case (please ;-)).

(Josef Kreitmayer) #10

@toka I agree,
feel free to delete all my posts, that you see relevant to delete.