Adding content / vocabulary to SSEDAS?

(Sam Rossiter) #1

Hi I was wondering how viable it would be to add taxonomies/ POI to the SSEDAS map?

I’m thinking specifically about Transition Initiatives? Would it be disruptive and complicating?

I realise we could use the tools developed and pay a developer to roll our own version, but is there the opportunity to use your backend infrastructure?

Is there any kind of API for importing content/ syncing with other data sources?

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #2

Hi @SamRossiter, it’s great to hear about your interest in using the Transformap infrastructure for the Transition Network. Transformap aims at building up a commons, so yes, you are welcome to add your own content and taxonomies to the ecosystem.

Please note that we have not created the infrastructure specifically for SSEDAS. The fact that there is currently a map viewer (and upcoming editor) and taxonomy that is SSEDAS specific, has only to do with the fact that SSEDAS was the first “community” supporting the development and feeding the infrastructure. The idea is that precisely other networks and initiatives, such as Transition, will also feed into the ecosystem and help in building this mapping commons, where both code and data are contributed to the benefit of all.

For the taxonomy development we are using (Wikibase) and to build the filters/queries, (Blazegraph). The editor is also about to be released on its first beta (a not-up-to-date deployment, still without any design, is available at and you can follow the development on taiga).

Transformap also provides an API under (code on GitHub) and an Extract-Transform-Load application, which allows for imports from other data sources. A further overview on existing services of the current Transformap infrastructure can be found on this post.

If you need support in preparing such a process, or understand the ecosystem of tools in order to make use of them in the Transition context, don’t hesitate to ask further here. We just initiated a very interesting mapping process, with a series of workshops with the Transition initiative in Kassel and are looking forward for further community mapping processes this year.

A talk on Matrix may also be useful, if you feel like real-time chatting:

(Jon Richter) #3

There is the which is based on You’d need to write your own, though, and push them to the live instance, run manually, to create dumps.

There is no existing tooling for discovery and extracting of schemas, yet. I always wanted to play with, but we had chosen other paths.