Adding images to (a) uMap

(hazem) #1

thanks for the compact instructions.
I was wondering if there is an easy way to integrate some photos to the mapped pins. For example I am mapping physical spaces and need to add some photos to the description of the pins ( places ) that I map.
not sure if this available or not ?

How to make a personalized map with uMap?
(Jon Richter) #2

I’ve tried it with an <img src="" /> HTML tag and a ![]() MarkDown image tag, but both didn’t work. Should we collect energy to provide a pull request?

(hazem) #3

sorry for the late replay, was offline last week.
If you think it is worth it then let’s do it, we can add a box containing an image slider. if it is not much work but what can I help with ?

(Jon Richter) #4

Eheh, Wait, before you just wanted to add an image, now you want to add a slider.
What is your actual need, and what for?

(hazem) #5

haha ok may be an image is enough.

we are crowdmapping a place to host a coliving space, so allowing people to add an image or two for the space is a valuable addition.
we are using discourse for discussion as well, for now one image is enough for the mapping purposes, but I guess if someone used this for the same reason with more pins comes more messiness :slight_smile: and need for more images.