Adrien Labaeye @alabaeye

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

I’m Adrien, French, living in Berlin. I’d rather communicate in French, English. I can also communicate in German, and some Spanish.

For society I’m a PhD student, enrolled at the Humboldt University in Berlin, researching digital commons for urban sustainability.
My involvement in TransforMap is part of my action research: I try to contribute to the TransforMap process with some knowledge, support the process (in Berlin in particular), and reflect about the collective process (eg. by writing papers or posts and giving back some suitable bits to TransforMap).

I’m also part of Thinkfarm Berlin, a self-organized co-working space exploring slowness. I’m facilitating there the transition>>lab, an informal knowledge platform around the transition idea.

My skills: writing, facilitation, concept development, analysis (knowledge about sustainability transitions, governance of the commons, urban sustainability)

I’m active online there: Twitter | LinkedIn | transition>>lab Blog | ResearchGate | Skype: adrien.labaeye