Alignment with Real Economy Lab

(Adrien Labaeye) #30

This week is very full for me. Could you set up a doodle for next week?

(Benjamin Brownell) #31

Thursday is also my best chance to meet next week. Is there a time in your afternoon 2pm or later that we can schedule then?

(Jon Richter) #32

On June 8th I happened to stumble into Christina from Real Economy Lab in the Federated Wiki Hangout. We exchanged on different ways of using data visualisation and alternative representations to create social narratives. There are chances our directions of work overlap in some senses.

This is something Federated Wiki is already capable of doing today.

(Benjamin Brownell) #33

@almereyda do you mean Christina Bowen? I’ve interacted with her in a couple of related work spaces around mapping networks and systems using Kumu, but she is not currently active with Real Economy Lab project per se.
I think though the discussions around socially constructed narrative visualization and concept mapping are clearly relevant to many things we are all working on in different areas, and the tools/methods to do so are really just being developed - or rather the means of tying together the diverse functionality and protocol that exist already in different contexts!
I’ve just started to play with some ideas about how to connect some of the functions and UX of metamaps with the advanced analytical and rendering capabilities of kumu. And if we can add to that a good flexible geographic/GIS layer plus smooth multimedia content management…well that would be something :slight_smile:
Let’s keep brainstorming what are the top use cases and opportunities for development along these lines! I believe that real economy lab will continue to build momentum towards funding for custom platform development in the months ahead, perhaps building on metamaps in some new directions.

(Silke ) #34

“At some point early last year for some time we had the mis-conception,
that these then “identities” would be even required to fill, in order to
close gates for business as usual activities to become part of the map.”!

No, we did this, in order to make the searcheable with one click. And - I did quite a few mappings of POI with ppl and they have no problem at all in self-identifying with one of the “tribes” -> may sound ok in English, but it’s awkward in German (Stämme)
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