Anne (TESS project)

Dear all, I am involved in an EU-research project “Towards European Social Sustainability” (TESS) investigating community-based sustainability initiatives - understanding their impact on the society and the environment and how the function best. See also our websites: and (new, blogs, stories about initiatives etc.). We have also created a map covering over 180 initiatives across Europe. Let´s keep in touch!

Hallo @Anne,

@dreusser was for a long time a very active contributor to TransforMap. It was a great pleasure to be hosted by him once at Telegraphenberg for a meeting.
He also got permission for us to make use of the icons, with credits to the TESS project (I am not yet sure, if we got the icon-images yet). We would like to develop a universal icon language where possible. Icons is a Topic here: Icons for TransforMap

congratulate to the site, it is quite nice. Is there any further development in number of initiatives, or content planned, or is it going to start crumbling, once the TESS project is finished?

congratulate to the fine look : )