Application to CHEST call for proposal

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

Here is a review of the submission guidelines for the CHEST call for proposals:

application form:

Maximum award: €60K (up to 75% of total project cost for a SME, non-profit, etc.),
Duration: 10 months, earlier project start date: 1st Feb 2015, notification of decision on 1st December 2014
One-stage submission process, email the application form to before 17.00 CET 30th September 2014.

Content requirement:

“It will be the task of the applicant to justify why there is a need for their idea or solution with an understanding of the potential impact that could be achieved. Although open in topic, any challenge targeted cannot be limited to a single location or community but instead must be representative of a larger European issue.”

  • Transformap fits the description of a digital social innovation (for CHEST):
  • Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is ‘a type of social and collaborative innovation in which innovators, users and communities collaborate using digital technologies to co-create knowledge and solutions for a wide range of social needs and at a scale that was unimaginable before the rise of the Internet’
    [Digital Social Innovation – Interim Report. for further details please refer to:]
  • All applications must align with this definition. To demonstrate alignment, applicants need to state how the projects objectives, activities and impact meet the scope and definition of DSI. The CHEST partners will make this judgement based on your response to the Gateway Question – see Section 5 of this document.

Eligible activities:

  • User centered prototype development
  • Trials and testing
  • Details of planned deployment (non commercial project)

Expected outcome:

Funding and eligibility:

  • EU project (proof of address)
  • Need level of innovation, digital-based and targeted towards a specific societal challenge.
  • Technically innovative or applying existing technology to new application
  • An individual or legal entity can only submit one proposal under Call 3.
  • Applications can be submitted by any individual or legal entity, including private companies (irrespective of size), academic organisations or public bodies.

Assessment process:
“Assessors will be recruited according to their level of expertise relevant to CHEST with the aim of creating a balance between academics, users, gender balance and reasonable geographical distribution.”

Detail of application form with comments:

  • Project outline: 1500 characters
  • Gateway question: how is our project aligned with def of digital social innovation
     we hit right on the middle of the definition: 1500 characters
  • Project location: where the project activities take place?
     This will be hard to define

Section 1: Scientific and Technical Excellence

  • Challenge description and targeted project objectives
    we need to sharpen our existing drafts: especially the objectives of this particular project to be funded 3000 characters
  • Maturity of the project
    we should insist on past workshops, exchanges, consultations, and first funding by Böll (if any) 1500 characters
  • Innovation
     innovation is both technical and social (community process). 2000 characters

Section 2: Impact of our idea

  • Target group and potential impact:
    that needs to be thoroughly worked out refining our existing drafts 3000 characters
  • Route to market (!)
     big question mark here. We could fail because of that. We can argue that we seek not to expand that project on the market and maintain its commons nature, but mention that it will be a key infrastructure in creating an ecosystem prone to develop specific market applications (eg. OnYourWay). 2000 characters

Section 3: Implementation

  • Project plan: work packages with itmes (overview, timing, deliverable…) 3000 characters
  • Competences of the applicant
     this is a problematic point: who is the applicant given the nature of the 14mmm. We need to find a convincing way to say that the applying organization is the hub for a wider group of involved participants. 1500 characters
  • Appendices: 2 additional sides of A4 can include letter of support form potential end users or further info regarding work plan, etc.
    This is where our application can really make the difference showing support from dozens of organizatio ns/individuals. 2 sides of A4

(Adrien Labaeye) #2

To summarize: @almereyda @Michael @wellemut @Silke @josefkreitmayer @species @francesca @Samsemilio @dreusser

Interest of the funding:

  • substantial money (up to 75% of costs)
  • covers all types of costs
  • 10 months period, quick funding with 40% of the money right away

Our strengths (to demonstrate):

  • we definitely fit the thematic focus
  • innovative project, at least in its social, community dimension (we need to gather support from end users: ie. research like PIK, communities like Stadtacker, OSM community, others?)
  • impact: the impact on society (connection of dispersed communities of practice, visibility of alternative practices to wide public), research (fantastic potential in crowdsourcing data on social innovation), policy (tool to better understand change and social innovation).
  • maturity of the project: we’ve started a while ago and we’re reaching the point where things are getting clearer

Grey areas (that could undermine our application)

  • who is the applicant? subcontracting is limited. This has strong implications. (but up to 60% overhead allowed !). Given the limited documentation asked for this application, the credibility of the applicant will likely be very important. Ouishare?
  • seems the call is designed with innovative, market-oriented companies in mind: what is our “route to market” (sic)

(Dominik Reusser) #3

Nice idea - quite a tight deadline. I will not be able to spend more than a few hours in the next weeks.

Since it is EU fundet - and the basic aim of EU is to strenghten the European economy - a vision for how to get to the market is needed. Event if this contradicts to the logic of many of the initiatives.

Thanks for pointing it out!

(Adrien Labaeye) #4

Thanks @dreusser. I guess we should spare your experience in such calls then in reviewing the final application, fine-tuning it.
Regarding the “route to the market” point, I think we should argue about creating an ecosystem for innovative data-driven apps (like OnMyWay) and collaboration between communities of innovative practices.

(Adrien Labaeye) #5

Dominik mentionned EU Innovate project as project we should refer to in our application to justify relevance of transformap.
We could also mention the Smart Cities Initiative by the EU Commission
And most of all the CAPs (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation) project - of which CHEST is the funding component:

(Michael Maier) #6

I’m concerned by the given start/end-dates. Project start must not be earlier than 1/2/2015, end date not later than 1/12/2015.
So we have to pick a part of our project (e.g. OSM+ database?) where development hasn’t officially started. Any suggestions what would be suitable?

(Adrien Labaeye) #7

I wonder whether we could include an active community campaign (including mapping jams) for orchestrating the beta test of the tools.

(Adrien Labaeye) #8

Email I sent to CHEST on 16.09 at 12:00

With various partners, we are considering to apply for call 3. I have the following questions:

  • is a consortium/collaborative submission possible? the guidelines mention that it is, but no further information is provided on this very point. How should one proceed?
  • in the case of a non-profit project, what type of information should be provided in the ‘Route to market’ section?
  • is that an obstacle that some parts of the product/process have already been developed? Of course, the application would concern only the components that have not yet been developed.
  • can non-technical working packagaes such as community development for product trialing be included in the proposal?

Regarding collaborative submissions:
“Applications can be submitted by any individual or legal entity ( either as a single applicant or collaborative submission ), including private companies (irrespective of size), academic organisations or public bodies. All submissions must be made using the appropriate application form which can be downloaded via the CHEST website (, according to the timetable described on in Section 4.”

(Adrien Labaeye) #9

Sinnwerksatt will not be in the call and should not be referred to as they are also applying for (

(Jon Richter) #10

Dear people, I’ve used the last two hours for a dependency analyses of the working packages, also in relation to the Böll grant. Unfortunately I did this on a local development instance of Metacademy, so I cannot share a link to an interactive visualization this time.

(daniel) #11

Hey Jon,

is it possible to export the graphs to GraphML or the Graphviz file-format? Some of the nodes are too small to read.

(Jon Richter) #12

Even though slightly OT, check the mygraph.json in the shared ownCloud folder. They have their own file format.

(Michael Vesely) #13

Results: @almereyda what did you learn from that effort?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #14

(Adrien Labaeye) #16

(Adrien Labaeye) #17

(Adrien Labaeye) #18

For those looking for our actual proposal:
Call-3-Application-Form_TransforMap_final.pdf (405.7 KB)
Transformap Letter of support_final.pdf (123.5 KB)

I set the restricted access to the category on trust level 2: which is about 30 people so far. This quite wide. We should see what should be the group allowed.

(Adrien Labaeye) #19

So we are now moving into full CHEST mode: the CHEST consortium sent info… It looks good!!! See for yourself their email and feedback in pdf:
[scroll and fill the doodle below!]

Following on from our recent notification of the successful evaluation of your CHEST Call 3, we write to you to explain the next steps required.

We apologise for the delay, which has been caused by negotiations with the EC about the necessary contractual issues relating to paying to EC funds to the winning projects.

Firstly we ask you to please complete the attached Information Form (CHEST Call 3_partner administrative and financial data form) for you (if you are an individual) or your organisation, and return this to by replying to this email.

If you have any questions relating to this form please email james or matthew directly.

Once we have collected all the necessary financial and administrative data from the Call 3 winners, we will hold a webinar for all winners to participate in to explain the monitoring of project progress, reporting requirements, and what financial records need to be kept and how to claim the second and final tranches of funding.

In the meantime the lead partner of the CHEST project (Engineering) will prepare the contracts/grant agreements necessary for you to sign before you project can commence. It is therefore important that you promptly return the attached “CHEST Call 3 partner administrative and financial data” form as soon as possible.

We will be reviewing your project budgets over the next 2 weeks and may come to you with requested for clarifications on your expected project costs.

Please note the attached files:

  • Evaluation Report- this is the feedback from the evaluators assigned to your application. The text is a combination of each of the 3 evaluators comments provided to support the score they gave for each question. For each question there is also an average of the evaluators scores, with the lowest score being 0 and the highest possible score for each question being 5. Evaluation Form CHEST Call 3-126-Transformap – mapping social innovation.pdf (272.2 KB)
  • Partner administrative and financial data form- to be completed and returned.

So I think we need to carefully review their feedback, our work plan, budget and work distribution with renewal of commitment from each of the persons involved in light of our current status quo. Later will (may) be too late.
In parallel Josef sent an email to the CHEST consortium asking more details about how much can be adjusted in our proposal and various admin questions. Josef should remain the unique talking point to CHEST.

So let’s review our plans very soon and find a date time. ie. Fill the DOODLE!
I would suggest that before the meeting everyone has refreshed his/her memory by reading our application carefully…

(how do we meet? can someone take care that we have a workable online meeting solution that doesn’t involve account in proprietary company? if not we do it over the phone).

cc @Silke @josefkreitmayer @Michael @almereyda @species @wellemut @gandhiano (you can asnwer directly with your email or here on Discourse - easy easy!)

(Adrien Labaeye) #20

So yes, we got a bingo, Monday 2PM!
It would be great that everyone has mumble working (it is so far the only completely open source working solution). Using a headset (at least kopfhörer) makes the call much better. Here to install and configure (takes 20 min to make sure it works fine):
Josef, I can help you on Monday morning (I have installed it, and it wasn’t easy).

Otherwise we do an old school Telko (I will then ensure I have access to a landline). Has anyone no access to a landline (VOIP phones don’t work).

Agenda proposed ( )

  • status CHEST proposal: overview of admin points
  • review of working plan/deliverables
  • review of budget
  • review of personal commitments
  • next steps

(Michael Maier) #21


For Mumble, I’ve written a detailed How-To in our Wiki.

Maybe it helps :smile: