Application to CHEST call for proposal

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there is an important typo in proposal P.14:
“Direct Costs:
(All Other Direct Costs, €5.500,- and Subcontracting €6.00,- will be processed by Get Active as the managing partner)”
–> should be corrected in further documents to 6.000€

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minutes from monday 23.02 meeting

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update on our questions and the overall process:

@alabaeye @Silke @almereyda @Michael @species (is Gualter here in discourse? >> @gandhiano )

I just had a call with James Craven, who is the communication partner of the CHEST call consortium (they are also a consortium). He told me:

  • The italian partner “Engineering sth.” is responsible for developing the contracts, and he forwarded our questions form 18.2. to them
  • They did not reply so far. He will put another request.
  • In generall all the process is delayed, so we can also prolong the project time for the delayed timespan.
  • Contract Deployment is planned for the next 2 Weeks.
  • It is overall 23 projects out of over 200 applications (thumbs up for us!!!)

My conclusion:

  • We should get notificaiton with the next 2 Weeks
  • Starting financial planning before does not really make sense in my opinion, as we do not know, how flexible we are going to be. Any ideas for good next steps welcome:

The open questions we posed, that need to be answered:

Questions out of our current project development:

As the question arose, that we might shift some workpackage and the related funds from one partner to the other,

  1. is that possible beforehand and/or
  2. during the contract agreement?

Questions about our setup & the administrative and financial data:

  • As we are a consortia (Get Active, Austria / Ecobytes, Germany), how should that be reflected in the organization confirmation documents?
  • as it is usual in EU consortia grants, is there a lead
    partner (get active) that passes through the money to the consortial
    partner (ecobytes)?
  • how is that reflected in the accountability and reporting? We have 2 different experiences: each partner reports (older practice) / the partners report through the lead partner (newer erasmus +


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Hello @alabaeye @gandhiano @species @almereyda @Michael @Silke we got answer from the CHEST consortia yesterday and I created a new topic to go on

   : )

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