[archived] Managing contact data in the Mapping of the Mappings

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(Adrien Labaeye) #25

I saw that today: http://mmm.3oe.de/

Congrats @toka, it looks promising. Better than the google thing. Was wondering about the choice of columns. I haven’t started to make an entry, because I didn’t want to ‘pollute’ the table, but, how many fields/columns are then proposed?

Specific feedback

  • For me it would be good to have the column ‘mapping tool’ (OSM/Google maps)
  • I don’t understand why we have two columns out of one in the google spreadsheet… Well I guess I understand why but it ends up with many entries having empty cells…
  • I find not easy to find the table on the page (“least entries” “last edited”… what about “see all”). Is that on purpose for the moment?

I disagree: I find displaying maps through a map is not handy cause there are plenty of maps that are not location specific but global for example. Something like an atlas seems more in question for me, but then it’s just a question of visualization (@toka: is the content of the wiki machine readable - please excuse my ignorance…)

(Jon Richter) #26

This is not what we typically understand as a geographic map.
If we’re also extending our research scope to non-geographic maps, then we have a totally new problem here. But of course, this question integrates already.

(Thomas Kalka) #27

@alabaeye please notice, that there is a new thread linked in the first message of this thread

Lets call the new approach the “swiki”-approacht for brevity.
You have to get rid of the idea of table.
The two tables which I created are just arbitrarily selected.
The data is in more ore less “free form” on wiki pages, one page per entry.
What you see as a table is in fact a query. You can choose whatever fields you like.
Create a own “table”, better “view” on your page.
Look for the source of the pages to have an idea, how it works.

And: be bold. It’s a wiki, everything is versionized, you cant break it …

And for example, same queries are allready built in into the pages.
Look for example

I just have build a query into the template for Mapping Tools:

Its quite easy. You see the row definitions in the above page.

And yes: the content of the wiki is very well machine readable. It’s allready linked data.

Ah, and there is the oportunity to even have some “calculated” query result using templates:
but, from first reading, not for table output, only for list, … will see

(Adrien Labaeye) #29

why? I have questions and comments about the semantic wiki. Should we start a new thread? Should I post my question/comments here?

Feedback on http://mmm.3oe.de/
I filled a form for http://mmm.3oe.de/wiki/Repair_Cafés and I have now a few questions

  • Generally any why we souldn’t use the needs category from the taxonomy in sorting entries.
  • How can I add a topics in ‘Topics’? I want to add DIY and repairing.
  • Could we let people make an entry without being a logged in user?
  • while it looks arid like a wiki, I like the concept of the semantic wiki, especially having one page for each and linked data!

(Thomas Kalka) #30

@alabaeye yes, please go to http://discourse.transformap.co/t/managing-the-mappings-of-the-mappings/234

@almereyda could you add an info, that this thread is historic and new discussion goes to the above link in the introduction to this thread, please ?

(Adrien Labaeye) #32

that page has been deleted too. So I gues we manage everything from there: wiki.transformaps.net - the transformaps atlas - Semantic Mediawiki

We should really clarify the situation. :slightly_smiling: