Assignment for map integrations

(TransforMap Collective) #1

For the first assignment, i.e. first month, we want to focus on bridging a mapping frontend to our API. Our primary test case will be the mappings.csv generated from the Semantic Mediawiki stored into the API and displayed on the Landing Page. D2.3 + D3.2

Further assignments can then be about:

  • April:
    Abstracting the tightly coupled interface from the test case into a modular form, in so it can be reused in a WordPres plugin, for example. D2.6
  • May:
    Support in binding Leaflet.Storage to the TransforMap API. D2.5
  • June:
    Community proxying between OSCEdays and 16MMM D3.1

cc @alabaeye @josefkreitmayer @gandhiano @species

Shareable Map Jam | April 2016
necessary adaptation to reinforce the commoning process
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@kei Is useful enough? Seems to be proper GeoJSON, as validated by with the viewport set to null island. smile Happy Park

Which looks a lot more interesting than the current uMap after clicking on the central marker.

Sourced from (see uMap issue #78) and appended by a permanent TransforMap UUID. :clap:

The data of the uMap itself is mirrored at

(kei) #6

Hey thanks for this.

I can’t get onto Mumble right now for the Scrum but I will work on this
over the next few days.

Speak with you all soon.

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(kei) #8

Hi Jon, could you send through a link to the umap which displays this geojson data?


(kei) #10

Hey Jon et. al, I’m not sure where to update on progress though I’m sure you’re watching the git repo!

I pushed to a new feature branch (‘api’) on, which adds a map to the first section of the landing page and via leaflet pulls from the sample GeoJson data you sent through.

Once the api data is ready and the map’s content is finalised, I’m happy to implement the ideal view. Right now it’s some test popup DOM stuff.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #11

Hi @kei nice work. Yes, we do follow GitHub, but we use it mostly for code and issues related to code.

To actually provide updates on the progress of the different developments of TransforMap, we use user stories and tasks on this project.

The specific user story, which I think you are working on, is #31 Embeddable map. I have now reassigned the story from @species to you :slight_smile:

Feel free to improve the description if it’s not matching exactly what you are doing now (this was written in September), but keeping the acceptance criteria there, as they emerged from a previous collective process.

(kei) #12

Great thanks Gualter for pointing me to this! Will track progress there.