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Continuing the discussion from Assignment for map integrations:

In preparation of @kei’s assignment for the next months, I have prepared a long requested timeline for the currently running projects:

Please find it at

Its sources live at

  • master deployment wrapper
  • tiddlers wiki state as of now

It is an open TiddlyWiki without authentication, therefore please edit with consideration only.

Assignment for map integrations
Assignment for map integrations
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please integrate the following dates concerning SSEDAS:

The Transformap architecture in simple terms
(Josef Kreitmayer) #3


it is great, that you produced an overview, at the same time, I think we are reproducing a pattern, that does not help us, but sucks energy into streams, that are not core-relevant.

@Scrumteam1 could we agree on

  • not deploy any other new infrastructure, that is not core to the deliverables, we currently face,
  • for any not core deliverable communication infractructure focus on few, that are of high importance
  • mailing list,
  • keeping the protocoll infrastructures running.

reasoning examples:

As I was not so much aware of a crisis in Munich, that is mentioned in the project overview (which might be really good to have that in perspective), I wanted to have a look at the respective protocoll, …
which is currently down, or simply not accessible anymore.

In the (yet another) new tool, an error message is displayed, which as some of the other tools takes time to mentain and bugfix. We simply loose so very much energy in the fixing of stuff we do not need. It is as having a big fleet of boats but just very vew captains and actually running another operation than boats.

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Should we consider changing our communication channel, so you can join in the future? I guess e.g. hangouts would also work for everyone, including @species

(kei) #5

Yes I could also do for hangouts.

(Michael Maier) #6

Is there a way to join a Google Hangout anonymously, so I don’t associate my (static) IP with the identities you are using here?

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@toka and me gained very promising results with using for audio calls. A federated video call between the and nodes also succeeded. The quality was in both cases just superb. I will add a few registering and login tweaks to allmende/docker-matrix and we should be good to go.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #8

Maybe you want to use a VPN?