Berlin Atlas of Maps - MPI & TransforMap collaboration

It was decided to explore how the experience of (Lorenzo, Jan…) in visualizing various maps on one page could be made useful (using page code?) for TransforMap. Similarly, MPI could benefit from our mapping of the mappings to extend the Berlin Atlas.

We should meet before the end of February (Jan, Lorenzo, Adrien, @almereyda)! In the mean time we can exchange info here.

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Is this just not working in my browser or is it really just a nearly empty page with tiny nameless symbols, that each jump off to a new window? :frowning:

Did you try another browser? Firefox seems to have problems for me, Chrome displayed well. Seems they didn’t cross-browser optimize their application.

Hey, had never tried with other browsers. Chrome and Explorer are fine, Firefox not…

That’s it Seems to need one of the more commercial browsers :wink: Okey then.

maybe they use chromium… :wink:

hey there, just noticed that have a quite nice way to display the (mind)maps (very close to Their code is forkable on github, didn’t look at the license but it’s generally open source

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Yeah it’s a kind of concept maps they do. I like their aproach of interrelating them. Have a look at I created in February. … and search for TransforMap to find more.

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Was there any kind of outcome from this session?

A paper, video, transcript recording discussion documentation; anything?

nothing happened.

Severin told me he was there. If he has a summary?

Lorenzo told me recently that they have stopped the m-pi atlas.