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Gathering discussion around the Berlin maps
Sharing Berlin:
All alternatives in Berlin:

How do we ensure the two maps grow together: i.e. import the relevant updates of one into the other?
I saw today that the Sharing Berlin maps has a few new entries and I would like to import them in the “all alternatives” one.
My practical proposal is to make every new POI has first been entered through one of the two forms:

Then something like every week or so, the latest data can be completed with coordinates and then relevant entries are imported into the relevant map. This means sharing access to the spreadsheet behind the forms.
I would also suggest adding in the credits or in the description of the map the date of the last update so we could easily keep track.

What license should we choose?
I would suggest using Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) as it is used by Open Street Maps. It would ensure that all the data could at some point be imported directly into OSM.

Interesting website for Berlin, with way to visualize various maps:
This was made byLorenzo Tripodi and Jan Lindenberg who were at the map jam in October: loreso[a], jan.lindenberg[a]
They both showed interest in collaborating. We should set up a Berlin TransforMap Berlin Chapter meeting in January. @almereyda @wellemut @dreusser

That is not quite clear, if ODbL is compatible with itself :-/
Because ODbL DEMANDS attribution, and OSM’s ODbL ONLY attributes to “© OSM contributors”.
If our DB is ODbL licensed, every user contributing to it must ALSO agree to OSM’s contributor Terms!

For the sake of simplicity, I therefore vote for our DB being PD (only this can go into OSM without asking).

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i think your last comment should be posted in the license discussion @species (also) :smile: