Berlin : regular TransforMap get-togethers?

Another map jam happened yesterday at Agora and Andreas Arnold wrote:

Yesterday we had a small but beautiful map jam in Agora. And we figured that it’s a long way from collecting and organizing data on sharing projects to a proper map! Nevertheless, I have a good feeling that this was just the start of a regular meeting group. The outcome can be seen on and whoever wants to contribute is welcome join the conversation, attend next meetings and state some content in the following form:

Following those map jams, there is now interest from various people to meet in Berlin regularly around mapping the sharing economy/alternatives.
Therefore, I would suggest that we start a regular Berlin TransforMap meetup coordinated by @almereyda and myself (and Andreas Arnold). I see this as a protyping community where we will try various solutions (already trying) for building a Berlin TransforMap, not necessarily caring for the whole TransforMap issues. I see two specific contributions from this group:

  • technical task force: eg. setting up a Berlin uMap or even prepare hackathons to develop specific open software chunk for the transformap technical infrastructure (eg. improving uMap to allow multiple simultaneous editing).
  • social: building the TransforMap mappers community in Berlin and starting the process of taxonomy/ontology alignment.

I offer to coordinate this process.




I’ll be back Nov the 5th.

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I’ll be back on the 6th of Nov. So let’s try to plan a meeting to make a roadmap for the TansforMap Berlin community.

@almereyda: I was at the Maptime event yesterday. I saw Andreas Arnold (Sharing Map/Ouishare) and Jan Lindenberg (he was the map jam and is a programmer), they’re keen on a meeting soon.
I didn’t have time to talk to Alsino, but I was thinking that a presentation of Transformap to the Maptime crew would be very good. I would say when we have a clear structure that is online and turned concrete we could think of asking Alsino about it.
What do you think?

Anyway we should meet soon around the question: what can Berlin contribute to Transformap?

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It seems that now is the time for a new meeting gathering all those that have an interest in the TransforMap initiative.
The idea is a get-together and see what we can do in Berlin in relation to TransforMap. How can Berlin(ers) contribute? How can Berlin(ers) benefit?

Here is a Dudle to find a date (please fill until Wednesday 21.01):

Once a date found, I propose to send the following email more widely and publicize it somewhere on the TransforMap website and/or

Dear maps’ and alternatives’ friends,

So after the long Christmas pause comes the time for calling a new meeting. The idea is to discuss what a Berlin Chapter of the TransforMap community could realize.
For those who are not familiar with TransforMap it is a cross-community initiative to build an online mapping ecosystem that would allow all alternative economies (commons, solidary economies, P2P, sharing, Transition Towns, etc) and their local iniatives to be mapped consistently and appear all on one big map that can be filtered (and also hundreds of resampled smaller maps).

The project is open source and it needs man/womenpower!
Examples of things that can be done through the Berlin Chapter:

  • mapping the initiatives that are making a more ecological and inclusive world possible (eg. Sharing Berlin map by OuiShare Berlin)
  • to developing bits of software for TransforMap;
  • contributing to the development of a taxonomy of initiatives by testing and feedback;
  • and more…
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Next meeting:
First TransforMap Berlin Chapter meeting!
"What can Berlin do for TransforMap? What can TransforMap do for Berlin?"
Thursday 05.02.2015 at 19:00

Location: Thinkfarm may not work! We need another room! Anyone?

Please share the info around! I’m preparing short blog entry to have an online landing page.
Again the aim is to brainstorm and set an action plan for the Berlin Transformap wider community around the motto: “what can Berlin do for TransforMap? What can TransforMap do for Berlin?”

I’ve now sent the request for Optionsraum 3 at Spreefeld. @alabaeye and we got the confirmation, so you can send the invite.

Unfortunately the same day a stadt:gestalten network meeting helds place, where I’d also love to go. In the end, we should send the invite on Wednesday the latest.

Address is

Spreefeld eG
Optionsraum 3
Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 14
10179 Berlin

What else do we need for the invitation on @alabaeye @wellemut A lovely header image?

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Many thanks @almereyda for facilitating the room. I assume there is the usual as in meeting rooms (chairs, tables, beamer). Right? Shall we meet there at 18:30? How do we get keys? How do give them back?
Here is the announcement to be shared around (@wellemut, will you be there?):
Let me know if you want to edit the announcement to make it better.

@josefkreitmayer is there something like 20/30€ available from previous budgets for having some drinks there?

@almereyda, I propose the following agenda:

  1. (~19:15) Short welcoming and presentation of agenda (2min)
  2. Round of introduction (everyone says 2 sentences about why they’re interested to be here - 3-10min)
  3. Background intro: quick history of the TransforMap process (10 min+5min questions)
  4. Current status of technical development (10 min + 5min questions)
  5. (20:00) Short break - 10 min
  6. Setting up the scene: how can Berlin contribute to TransforMap? What can TransforMap do for Berlin? (5min)
  7. Round of suggestions (each person gets around 1-2 min to reflect on what could be done in Berlin around TransforMap - between 15-30 min total)
  8. Open discussion on activity plan: 20 min. (If needed, break-out into 2/3 open spaces to draft activity plan.)
  9. (21:00) Wrap-up and next steps: 10 min

@alabaeye From the Böll Foundation Grant, that was processed from september to december there is no money ( actually - ~10€, but that is ok) left.

Thanks for those who were there last week! It was a nice first meeting with some small but concrete plans:

TransforMap’s Berlin Circle will meet up every month! Next date to be scheduled asap! location offers are welcome!


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