Bi-weekly community report

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

I am starting a bi-weekly community report process.
ping: @almereyda @species @gandhiano @josefkreitmayer @toka

first issue is to be found here: Community Report #1: 31st March 2016

  • Goal: bridge the wider community with the technical (and social) development.
  • Frequence: every 2 weeks
  • Description: I envision 3 sections:
  • tech development: update of what was done, new releases, and what is planned in the next two weeks
  • community process: welcoming new people checking in the Who’s who, reporting on interactions (eg. Shareable mapjam…), new, upcoming events…
  • project management updates: sometimes there may be a need to give an update from that perspective: eg. contract has been renegotiated.
  • Method:
    • By every Monday (midnight) of every uneven week, the tech team (Gualter, Jon, Michael…), the project management team (Gualter, Josef) would make a short report. Community would be encouraged to report things in this very section or email me for addition to the community report. An automatic remider to the mailing list could be set up for that purpose.
    • By every Wednesday (midnigth) of every uneven week: information will be aggregated into a community report by me (support welcome).
    • It will be sent every Thursday of every uneven week late morning to the mailing lists and posted on twitter and written here in this very thread (or a different one).
    • Every Friday of every uneven week, the community will have the opportunity to ask questions during a hangout.

Anyone who would like to support that process now or once it’s started is welcome. I’m not planning to spend more than three hours every two weeks on that task.

Next deadline is coming Monday for publishing on Thursday. Given it’s Easter, let’s say Tuesday. Please write here a concise update following the proposed structure before Tuesday.

Weekly project schedule
(Josef Kreitmayer) #2


that is great, great initiative! Also your description and reasoning of the current situation is quite accurate.

As @fraukehehl or @Giuliana noticed, it is quite difficult to follow events here in discourse.

@gandhiano mentioned, that we did not go on with the practice of using the community calendar. @alabaeye could you put the dates and times there, that will be regular public facing communication acitivity? That will help a lot for having an overview.

(Thomas Kalka) #3

I would not blame the tool for deficiencies of its users. If you use a mailinglist in chat mode, it is difficult to follow too.
A discourse category is more or less the same as a mailinglist.
We should try to establish some categories to contain condensed information (enriched with links to more detailed information / discussion) only.

(Johan) #4

Awesome idea indeed! I think this can address the difficulty for newcomers, as myself, to quickly find concise and current information about the project at any given date. Transformap has a lot of aspects and people involved, each bringing a piece of information. Having a centralized and regular summary and discussion of the situation will ease the onboarding period and the following of the project’s progress.

Community Report #1: 31st March 2016
(Josef Kreitmayer) #5

@alabaeye, sorry for being late. I post here and send via mail as well:


  • change in contracting sceme requested by the European Comission to CHEST, so Get Active and Ecobytes need to be validated in the EU funding partner portal, which is processed from our side and sent for validation. (25.3.2016)

  • interim report approved (29.3.2016) final_CHEST Call 3 Interim Report - TransforMap, proj 126.pdf (680.7 KB)


  • taxonomy process: (conversion of contributions from 26 SSEDAS partners) published for feedback until mid of april (please contribute, ask questions, critique, …)
    also see here: The SSEDAS Taxonomy Convergence Process

  • data collection with the data collection template: currently running until mid of april.

  • SSEDAS and CHEST combined budget (due to EC funding requirements combination is required)

  • following contributors 1/2-time funded employment from oct/dec 2015 to June/July 2016
    Josef Kreitmayer, Michael Maier via Get Active
    Gualter Baptista, Jon Richter via Ecobytes
    mini employment Adrien Labaeye via Ecobytes

  • deliverable related freelance budgets

  • non-deliverable oriented, budget (commoning part) not yet developed

  • travel & meeting budget
    also see here:

(Adrien Labaeye) #6

@gualter @almereyda: could you briefly complement @josefkreitmayer’s report? by tomorrow noon?
I would very much appreciate the following:

  • short intro of the API: what it does now, what it will serve to (in easy language)
  • (tech) plans for the next 2 weeks

Starting to draft the report here:

(Adrien Labaeye) #7

@josefkreitmayer could you please point me to the latest overview sheet of the budget? This is hard to navigate for someone who isn’t in the discussions.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #8


here the link to the current version (the future budget), the 2 other relevant sheets are chest accounting and ssedas accounting.

(Adrien Labaeye) #9

any place where the budget is output/deliverables oriented and not workforce oriented?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #10

@alabaeye we do not have that yet and integrate it in the next step.

I now made it more explicit in the next iteration in the trello board: It was already in there in agenda point 5 for the next funding meeting, but is now also more explicit in the title and acceptance criteria.

(Adrien Labaeye) #11

community report was posted here: Community Report #1: 31st March 2016

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #12

As @alabaeye is currently busy with his academic work, I am taking over the coordination of the community report. Please add any points and suggestions to this pad up to next Tuesday. I will then compile and send the report on Thursday, October 6th.

cc @Scrumteam1 @Silke @Maia @Paul_Free and anyone who may have something to share.

(Adrien Labaeye) #13

Thanks! making an entry. Generally I think it is a good practice to create a new topic for each report. :wink:
I marked all the topics with #communityreports

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #14

This week I am collecting again the stories for our community report. I plan to edit and send it out on Thursday November 10th.

If you have any suggestions of topics, feel free to add them directly to the etherpad until Thursday 10 AM CET:

(Josef Kreitmayer) #15

As I had a topic for the next community report, I followed the example of @gandhiano and opened a pad for the next report which could be sent beginning of december.