Bio-regional transition mapping - idea/questions

(Benjamin Brownell) #1

I am exploring the possibility of organizing tools, process, and coordination for a distributed mapping effort around various “assets” of regenerative culture/economy/society at the regional level. This is closely related to the mission of Transformap already, as I understand it, and perhaps other projects or work groups already. The focus is on primarily rural areas defined by physical and/or cultural boundaries.

I would like to have:

  • a way to import small to medium sized data sets of several POI at once, after curating and formatting
  • possibility of one or more custom tag fields (and filters on map viewer), plus alternative labeling for established tags (e.g. “food source” instead of “provides: food”)
  • a dedicated URL with filter presets and custom metadata/info, such as the Demo maps have now
  • embedding custom maps in other websites/pages
  • API to the map database

I believe this is all possible through TransforMap now or soon - is that correct? Is there a milestone coming where you will ‘release’ and promote the mapping toolset as a publicly available resource? Or has that already happened? Should I set up a separate ‘community’ here for this work/discussion?

thanks for any advice and guidance!

(Jon Richter) #2

In your workflow description, I read a very comprehensive user story which currently involves manually building a data pipeline for curation and visualisation of the (meta)data.

Right now available from above are in the following forms:

  1. The API which allows for GeoJSON uploads. See for inspiration, as technical documentation is mostly lacking.
  2. You would create a taxonomy item similar to and and then attach it to your desired properties as i.e. in @species @toka Would we prefer instance of or subclass of for taxonomy building within Wikibase?
  3. For this I am using the What links here view on the Wikibase items above, as in and and can also be applied to other items.
  4. This would be a fork of the TransforMap editor or some more advanced interactive switching within with URI parameters, as with or
  5. As above, mostly undocumented. Yet presents an attempt at a hypermedia API interface, which provides hints about how to use it.

Your questions then guide us at how such processes would want to be documented.

(Michael Maier) #3

Definitely subclass_of, because e.g. instance_of the taxonomy entry/class community_garden would be one particular garden itself.

(Bhaugen) #4

@BenB I’m interested in this. Please keep me in the loop?

(Benjamin Brownell) #5

Thank you for the pointers! This makes sense, and seems relatively straightforward.

I wanted to have a good idea about what is possible at this point, so that I can plan and coordinate steps to try out at a small scale in one area while also thinking about how this can be scaled out easily to other regions and networks.

I will come back with some more specifics (and probably questions) when it gets moving. And meanwhile I will try and complete a bit of that ‘user story’ for reference!

@bhaugen I’m glad you’re curious, and will share more on this as it germinates. Not part of a formal initiative yet, but likely joint effort between a few groups/projects here in Hudson Valley (for starters). Glad to work in parallel with others on a similar track.