(Blog) redaction crew?

Who’s willing to participate in maintaining the blog.14mmm.org?

I’m just asking because I have to manually create accounts, like for ownCloud, as both sites don’t have a public Sign-up functionality like the wiki.

I.e. writing articles that can be published on different channels (blog, list) and mirroring important announcements that have been published elsewhere.

I see the last post from May is already a little dated and it seems unfair to keep the public uninformed about recent developments.

I am esp. asking @alabaeye and @Silke, because you could just copy and paste some content you already produced and published elsewhere.

Nevertheless, a lot will have to be written so

Falls du nicht mehr weiter weißt, gründe einen Arbeitskreis!

Yes sure, please get me in! I was planning to write stuff soon.

I think the blog is a place to keep people informed but also to develop some ideas, concepts and generally to open up our discussion (licensing, should social businesses appear? Evaluating potential risks/opportunities, etc.).

Sent you an invitation as an Editor.

Other roles available are Administrator and Author, if anyone would like to know.

@josefkreitmayer, you maybe, too?

I moved a post to a new topic: Infrastructure development after Degrowth

could you add me an editor of the wiki too? (want to add “Mother of Many Maps” :stuck_out_tongue:)

Have you checked out the Sign up link in the upper right of https://wiki.14mmm.org/?
I can then assign you to the redaction group and give you staff status, but you should be able edit the articles yourself.

jeez, sorry didn’t have my eyes open I guess! Thanks!

Welcome, always here to help. :wink:

I am currently approaching a bit communication infrastructure round up for Sunday integrating Known as a Stream multiplex engine and Scrollback for ephemeral conversations. You don’t need to mention it, though, as there’ll probably few other iterations of the document upon finishing the project. Let’s focus on what we have.

Additionally, I don’t reccomend barely migrating the old blog to a new domain, as we did with discourse, as there is prevailent reason to anticipate further disambigualtion between

As I have developed a personal habit in often doing the contrary to what you propose, I will run a Sunday InfraHack with myself and ideally others to revise the website and basic communication channels currently dying with me being slightly undernourished.

But have a look at the mailing lists thread’s proposition and tell me if we could just assume the existence of its concern-seperated streams and already publish them, knowing they will only exist in a few weeks (before the end of the year for sure).

Dissemination Strategy focused first:

agree, and at the same time, agree as well on

I would simply state in the strategy, “that the current mailing lists might be replaced in the near future.”

get my take on the idea of different names and itentities as very simple:

personal sidenote

Very kind, I love to work with you, thank you.
I prefer, if you simply state your rationale (which you actually do in the other post), rather than f… around with me, because you are partially brilliant, which gets sometimes shed by your wtf personal statements as well as by rogue decisions and unaligned developments, which yourself looking at me, you told me quite frankly, that this keeps people bussy. Same there.

please keep the alpha omega thing with me in a constructive way (which you currently do, and for what I am also really thankful for, and enables a lot of personal as well as professional development on my side), and don´t go

That would not give credit to who we both as people are, and to our relation as companions in our conjuncted lifetime-missions.