Bounding Box

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1


I wonder, how we could dig into this topic to automate?

What is holding back a lot of energy for me is not getting enough understanding of dependencies of which system aspects are possibly built together.

So I wonder, if or to which extent the current setup can be relevant, if we opt for another POI database than the OSM?

Please keep in mind, that I am not a technican, and do not have any possibility of understanding dependencies and compatibilities without your technicans help.

E.g. I just had a look at the Umap github account is written, and see how their communication, community and everything about works.

In the about section is a description of the technical bases. Is that compatible with what you are currently working on, or better to say, which aspects and to which extent? Where is it not compatible?


(Michael Maier) #2

At first, what’s the intend of calling this topic “Bounding Box”? It does not relate to the content of the post in any way :wink:

How to update them is described in the Github repository’s README.
Someone has to add to following commands to a script and run that periodically:

wget '[out:json][timeout:1800];node["identity"];out;(way["identity"];node(w));out;rel["identity"];out;>;out;' -O identities.json
git add identities.json
git commit -m "updated low-z POIs for identity map"
git push update master

So it’s not hard, one only needs a server that can run jobs periodically.

For the rest of the post, I don’t get the question(s)…

And as they seem to have nothing to to with the POI caching issue on low-zoom, please split them up into separate topics.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #3

@species basically my question is: What dependencies are there in the toolchain, that this work stays useful for the technical development of the final user centered mapping navigation interface? I put it as UX and Bounding Box, as my thinking is very often outcome oriented, so I wondered, how we can technically make happen, what is needed to deliver the frontend (hope to use the word right). Feel free to move the conversation where you see it fit. Please address my question below.