Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

2000 € have been set aside to fund the community in contributing to the wider Transformap vision (i.e. related to mapping alternatives). We aim in priority at funding activities that will strengthen the community and the wider ecosystem of mapping alternatives economies. Primarily non-technical activities are encouraged.
The way we’ll do it is an experiment to distribute decision-making in the community, so please take part!

Proposals for activities to be funded that contribute to the topic of mapping alternatives can be submitted by anyone. Any person that has been active in the Transformap community will be entitled to take part in the decision making process as long as they make the request by 15th of July. The decision making process will happen over three days (16th till 18th of July midnight ECT) during which you can ask for direct support by contacting @alabaeye Adrien.


  • Semeoz proposal: 500€ budget
  • Critical Atlas proposal: 600€ budget
  • Barcelona mapping workshop proposal: 400€ budget
  • WSF mapping workshops proposal: 500€ budget

##Documentation: Documenting the co-budgeting experiment


  • Deadline for submission of proposals is 15th of July.
  • From 16th till 18th (23:59 ECT) of July the proposals are collectively reviewed and funded.
  • Activities to be funded need to happen before the end of September 2016.

##Who can submit a proposal?
Anyone. Really, anyone. You can also start a proposal even if you are not the one to implement (in that case you should have secured one or more person who are ready to implement that proposal by the end of the submission period).

##How to submit a proposal?
Start a discussion on this forum in this Forum category with the title ‘Community bucket proposal: [your short title]’. Describe the content and impact of the activities envisioned. Make an estimation of the budget you’ll need. Small budgets are encouraged. And link you proposal in this discussion thread so everybody can hear of it!

##How will we decide on the proposals?
The co-budget tool will be used. It’s really easy to use! Don’t be afraid.

How does this work? Before the end of the submission period (15ht of July) anyone who has taken part at some point in any of Transformap activities who want to take part in the selection of proposals should inform us here on this thread or directly by email (adrienlabaeye [a] or twitter. Each person who expressed the will to do so will be granted access to co-budget and allocated an equal share of the 2000€. This means you should inform us before the 15th of July, after this there is no way to get you involved!
Once the money is shared between all participants, everyone distributes her/his share to the proposals she/he prefers.
For example: say @Silke and 19 other persons have manifested the wish to take part in the process. This means @Silke receives 100€ on her Co-budget account. She can distribute the way she want those 100€, spreading it to more proposals or concentrating it on one she absolutely wants to see happen.

##Proposals submitted


Amount wished: 550 €


Amount wished: ~ 600 €


Amount wished: ( 500 + 500 ) €


Amount wished: 500 - 700 €


Amounts wished: ( 500 + 500 ) €


Documenting the co-budgeting experiment
Community Report #7: 25th of August
Community Report #5: 30th June 2016
(Adrien Labaeye) #2

ping @Maia @BenB @Simon_Sarazin @TomShareable @EllenFriedman @toka @otisyves @wellemut @Emma_Ohrwall

(Josef Kreitmayer) #3

@severinhalder are you aware of our community bucket, that we once talked about? You wanted to propose your critical atlas. Please do so. Please read the thread to this post.

@alabaeye if there is not more than 5 projects until the deadline, I would extend it. What would you say?

(Adrien Labaeye) #4

I guess it would make sense. So let’s actively share the info around!

(Helmut) #5

(Adrien Labaeye) #6

@BenB: would a small budget for a user-friendly export/import function in metamaps be helpful for you?

(Giuliana G.) #7

I am gathering texts and transcripts of speeches held at the Solikon congress for a documentation and update book. I need funding for some translations of speeches from French, Spanisch and English into German, because I am alone and I don’t speak French nor Spanisch. I am also looking for funding for lectoring, because people, who can help me there, need a remuneration. I think I will need more than 2.000 €, but also a smaller sum will get me going.

(Benjamin Brownell) #8

@alabaeye Thanks for suggesting this, I think it’s a great idea and yes it could be an opportunity to do a nice implementation of this feature soon. I will be talking with Connor later today and see what he thinks. Maybe i can get him over to this thread to discuss with you all directly.

(Jon Richter) #9

Thanks, yes please do so timely.

(Jon Richter) #10

Yes, today is the last day to propose such an endeavour within a new thread of the #communities:community-buckets category.

(Jon Richter) #11

Could you please expand a little further, maybe in another thread, how your proposal links to


(Jon Richter) #12

There will be a proposal by @Silke during the day based on Commons Space / Mapping the Transformations / Mobilisation.

(Silke ) #13

Dear all,
we, Silke and Jon, TransforMapppers, participants of the World Social Forum 2016 as co-creators of the commons-space ( within the Forum are involved in opening a convergence space from August 10, 2016 onwards for different communities and approaches to wikify and map the Alternatives.
We are currently trying to make sure, that all those involved in such efforts and participating in the WSF will be present (f.i. @EllenFriedman @otisyves@ and others).

Please read our full proposal and its rationale here

Funding btw. 500 and 700 Euro would help us tremendously to be operative and make best use of our short stay in canada.
Details to be delivered at the latest on August 13.
Please note that our travels are funded by a third partner and the work we contribute is part of our activism for TransforMap.

(Adrien Labaeye) #14

@BenB: any news? could you write your proposal up by tonight midnight (Berlin time)? I can help later tonight if you like.

(Benjamin Brownell) #15

Yes, coordinating with Connor and others on our side to try and put something together for you. Will update as we go. Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

(Adrien Labaeye) #16

(Adrien Labaeye) #17

The call is extended until Sunday 17th of July midnight. This also applies if you’d like to take part in the decision process (indicate it on this thread or shoot me an email!)
The co-budgeting process will happen from Monday 18th until Wednesday 20th.

(Benjamin Brownell) #18

My apologies, it doesn’t look like Connor was able to jump in here this weekend and draft a proposal for the Metamaps feature development. Too bad! It looks like there are a number of other worthy submissions here to choose from however. Great to see this open call / open allocation process in action. I hope there will be another round to come!

(Adrien Labaeye) #19

ok too bad. I’m afraid there won’t any round in the foreseeable future. But let’s keep working in synergy. :slight_smile:

(Jon Richter) #20

Never say never.