Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets

(Adrien Labaeye) #17

The call is extended until Sunday 17th of July midnight. This also applies if you’d like to take part in the decision process (indicate it on this thread or shoot me an email!)
The co-budgeting process will happen from Monday 18th until Wednesday 20th.

(Benjamin Brownell) #18

My apologies, it doesn’t look like Connor was able to jump in here this weekend and draft a proposal for the Metamaps feature development. Too bad! It looks like there are a number of other worthy submissions here to choose from however. Great to see this open call / open allocation process in action. I hope there will be another round to come!

(Adrien Labaeye) #19

ok too bad. I’m afraid there won’t any round in the foreseeable future. But let’s keep working in synergy. :slight_smile:

(Jon Richter) #20

Never say never.

(Adrien Labaeye) #21

The process of co-budgeting is open! Here: (only accessible for those who have been invited).

To be fully transparent, I received only one request (@herrmellin) to be added to the process. We could wait more, and so on, but I decided (ask for forgiveness rather than permission) that frequent Transformap contributors that were already in co-budget would be entitled with a say in that co-budget process. The goal is less about finding the perfect ‘right’ solution than getting the experiment further going.

So participants are: @gandhiano @kei @species @toka @almereyda @josefkreitmayer @herrmellin @alabaeye

Each of the 8 co-budgeters, have been credited with 250€ (not $ as the interface suggests…). They are free to spread that amount in the next days among the six proposals. As soon as a proposal reached the minimum amount, proposal holders will be informed and arrangements (payment and reporting) can be started.
Note that for each proposal an amount is specified, it is some kind of minimal amount for that proposal to be funded. However, I suggest that if a proposal didn’t reached that threshold we’ll ask the proposal holder if they still want to get the money and run the proposal (or part of it). Note that a proposal can be ‘overfunded’: e.g. the WSF proposal has a 500€ amount but it was clearly expressed that they looking at 500-700€. If a proposal is good enough, why not give it more money so more can be done!

And please note that any funding that is being allocated cannot be reallocated, so take a moment before your split.

Please don’t wait too long - this week would be perfect!

Again the link to our Transformap co-budget room:

(Adrien Labaeye) #22

So here we are, the first round of co-budgeting is over! 2000€ have been distributed by 8 persons in less than two days.
Three proposals reached the funding objective as entered in the Co-budget app:

Three other proposals didn’t reach the amount required:

##How to proceed further?
I see three main options:

  • the proposals receive the amounts even if it didn’t reach the target.
  • the money budgeted in proposals that didn’t reach their target is split between the proposals of the critical atlas and the WSF to reach their wished amounts.
  • the money is not spent.

My feeling being that the last persons who entered the co-budgeting process didn’t have the possibility to ‘over-fund’ proposals that had reached their minimum target split the money because they had to. I may be wrong.

Therefore my proposal for the process is to ask the people who have funded the proposals that didn’t reach their target to decide what should happen with the money they budgeted. This means @kei (200€) @gandhiano (50€) @josefkreitmayer (50€) @herrmellin (50€) @alabaeye (50€)
And feel free to react about that first round!

Proposal for converging Semeoz work and Transformap wiki of maps
(Adrien Labaeye) #23

in my case I would rather reallocate the 50€ I budgeted to the Barcelona workshop to see WSF reach its desired amount. I think it is better to get things properly funded that under-funded.

(frido) #24

me too, i would like to add my 50€ to the atlas.

but in general: great tool, great process! really helps to get closer to whats happening, and to have a say in the direction things are going.

next time we put the limits right and it will be even better!

(Ale Fernandez) #25


Just to say the barcelona workshop will continue even without full funding. I hope you can still fund some of our activities, even if just the transcribing of map data and/or some materials costs.


(Jon Richter) #26

I believe if @Maia agrees on reducing their funds from 600 to 500 alike the other proposals, and if @Ale_Fernandez can also live with 500 rather than 550 funds, it should be quite easy to reallocate the remaining open funds from Positive-factor-rating and Documentation of Solikon congress with approval by @wellemut and @Giuliana to the ground truth related proposal in Barcelona.

Just my two cents, despite not being addressed directly.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #27

I leave my 25 with the rating, and re-allocate 25 from the translation to map data transcription in the barcelona workshops.

I somehwhat would not see reason, that the Semeoz project would change their received funds.

(Jon Richter) #28

The rationale is to be able to fund it completely, as the overall 2.000 € are now divided into the funded 500, 600 and 500 buckets only leaving 400 for a 550 request.

Else we will end up with few incomplete buckets.

I’d consider reducing @Maia’s proposal by 100 a very gratious offer to be able to rescope @Ale_Fernandez’ one into a fitting, hence another 500, scheme.

(Silke ) #29

@alabaeye just drop me a note how it went for WSF; I am keen to learn how the process works, drop me a note next time, that’s exciting (from the offline world - Silke)

(Maïa Dereva) #30

Hi all ! :slight_smile:
thanks a lot to @alabaeye and everyone for all this!
Of course I would find OK to reduce Semeoz project budget if it can help. But I would feel more comfortable if the decision comes from the people who funded the project, not me.

(Adrien Labaeye) #31

Already quite a few days since I plugged in the conversation. With the summer I guess I’m not the only one to have difficulty to keep plugged in the conversation.

How do we close that co-budgeting process? I propose to use consent methods and play the role of the facilitator to make sure budgeting is closed ASAP. And again will ask for forgiveness rather than permission to make sure something happens.

So I propose the following (that I think is well balanced and with meaningful budget):

  • budget that was allocated to Positive factors (100€) and Solikon documentation (25€) are transferred to Barcelona workshop proposal (reaching therefore 400€)
  • Semeoz proposal is reduced to 500€, the remainder (100€) goes to the Atlas proposal getting closer (600€) to its wished amount (1000€ for the Atlas).

Has anyone an objection to that? If not we have consent (in the sense that you won’t reject the outcome even if it’s not you’re preffered one).
@Maia already said she was ok with reducing Semeoz budget. The Barcelona included initially two potential workshop but given the tight schedule only one can be realized. The WSF activities start in a couple of days. It sounds more meaningful to favor the Atlas translations.

If no objection until Thursday 11th midnight, the proposal is considered adopted.

PS: I believe playing the benevolent dictator here is the sole way to get things sorted given the limited time resources of all involved.

[edit: I changed the proposal to favour the Atlas]

Using co-budget for allocating resources
(Adrien Labaeye) #33

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

(Adrien Labaeye) #34

As there was no objection the proposal is adopted.


  • Semeoz proposal: 500€ budget
  • Critical Atlas proposal: 600€ budget
  • Barcelona mapping workshop proposal: 400€ budget
  • WSF mapping workshops proposal: 500€ budget

@josefkreitmayer @gandhiano: please make preparations to brief budget recipients on requirements for invoicing, payment, reporting.

Mapping for transformation | World Social Forum 2016
(Jon Richter) #35

Yes, these had already been asked by the Critical Atlas team, which expected timely, separate notfication with details.

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #36

I 've read something about documenting the cobudget process.
Let us know about your report and we would be proud to help by translating your experiment and reporting through


(Adrien Labaeye) #37

here you go :slight_smile: (not sure how worthy of a translation it is though - let you judge)