Calling for an Intermapping weekend end of 2018

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(Jon Richter) #23

No, no one responded my repeating calls for help, but I’m still in contact with Wikimedia, but their requirements are quite high. Initially I just asked for a venue and few dates, now I have to write a full-fledged project application.

At this point, I am not sure if we can hold the dates proposed, since this originally should be a collective group activity, and not remain on the shoulders of single persons. But Wikimedia’s external communication only works with spokespersons. They don’t directly interact with third-party communities.

I’m currently trying to wrap my head around their latest requests, which go into detail with programme planning and participating communities.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #24

In the remarks of the initial preparatory pad, it states:

Have an open call for contributions to determine a programme and schedule.

Did that call happen?
Is there already a group of contributors established, and if so, who are they, and how is it going?

Would you say, that currently there is enough strength in the community to organize an event with 30 - 60 participants? It is 2 month minus 2 days until the weekend of December 14. to 16, which is the weekend before chistmas.

  • Is the offer for facilition also valid for that date? I apprechiate the work of Manuela Bosch from Vanillaway a lot, old friend from the Dragon Dreaming Facilitators Network.

  • Is clarified, who would like to / could come this dates? @almereyda id a great job in evaluating participation for the first dates, but unfortunately the energy was not there to follow through. I can see december the most as the chance for a smaller preparatory meeting to set up a possible intermapping agenda for 2019, that could even be done partially online?

The scope seems very interesting, but at the same time pretty general. What do you think of a preparatory process phase to work out more specific perspectives, tracks and goals? On the blackboard I notice, that you also thought of a follow up event in April. Is there also the idea to piggyback on a conference again, which worked very well in the past, or even better, co-develop a mapping track into an international conference.

Does Wikimedia have a timeline / deadlines for the application? Could the application also be this year, and the event happening next year, or more specific, can it also be a process from start to end, starting now in a preparatory phase, with the event happening in 2019?

Thank you @almereyda for your work. One part of me said, that I do not want to collaborate again, another part values your engagement very much, and cares about the people and the project, and still sees big potential for the mapping movement in the bigger socio-ecological, solidarity economy movement.

Looking back at the Transformap process, I see a lot of potential in the connections made over the years. I am very happy, that others successfully implement their visions, and possibly achieve to enable others to co-create, fork and implement their solutions, in the sense of open source and creative commons.