Calling in the Monkey Circle

Hey fellow engineers,

I’d like to call in for a (Mumble telco) meeting to work on the TransforMap tech roadmap including our next projects, SSEDAS and CHEST.



Estimated time for the first meeting: 2-3 hours.
One meeting will very probably not be enough, but we need to start.

Everyone who wants to contribute his tech (and also social) skills to TransforMap is welcome to join the meeting!

PS: I hate to do organizational stuff like scheduling meetings etc. But in the last 1.5 years, no one has started to coordinate the monkey circle (which has cost us a lot of time!), so I feel I have to do it now.
If anyone outside the monkey circle with more social skills than we seem to have (e.g. @alabaeye, @fraukehehl, @TDoennebrink, @wellemut) would like to take the uncoordinated monkeys under her/his wings, I would be very happy :smile:!

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I can try to take this role.

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The date & time has been chosen:
Oct 7th, 13:30

Please use this pad for the protocol.

See you there!

I would like to invite to a follow-up meeting:

Topic will be detailed discussions about:

  • clarify details about diagrams detailed data flows, bulk import workflow.
  • decide on which software to use for which parts?
  • how to enable our data to be linked open data?
  • license discussion (if we have time)?

Maximum length: 3 hours.

Especially calling @toka, @almereyda, @gandhiano, @josefkreitmayer - and if you have time again as facilitator @alabaeye ?

Who else would be interested? @klaus, @kei, @wellemut, @elfpavlik,@Simon_Sarazin?
@all, please invite anyone who might be interested in technical discussions too!

thanks for the call in. I will join for a maximum of two hours. I’m quite under pressure with competing deadline.
Ok for moderation!
may I suggest for further use the prettier :slight_smile:


As there were no more participants in the doodle since two days and we need to continue better sooner than later, I will set a date for the next meeting:

Thursday, 22nd of October, 13:00 CEST.

Please use this new pad for documentation.

See you then @alabaeye @almereyda @josefkreitmayer!

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As on the meeting an 22nd @toka was here too, there was a lot of stuff to catch up, and no decisions were made.

IIRC we voted to continue for the next meeting one week after, on Thursday 29th October, same time (13:00), same place (Mumble).

Any objections?

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The pad for today is: