Calling the craftswomanship team

@toka @species @daniel @gandhiano @elfpavlik @kei

Dear craftswomen,

it’s been kind of quiet around us lately, especially in terms of organizing our cooperations.
Therefore I would like to invite for a (Mumble/capcom) call this friday, let’s say around 4pm CEST.

Who’s in?

Hallo, da capcom nicht funktioniert, bin ich mit Mumble auf verbunden.
@species Kommst du auch?


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I apologize my unplanned absence, I seem to be in a pre-holiday stress, so I forgot to set an reminder on the calendar entry. You could at least have called me on my phone, that would have reminded me :wink:

Thanks for the detailed protocol.
I hope for more frequent tech meetings in the future!

So I’m off for my urgently needed vacation :smile: