CHEST interim report

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@gandhiano @almereyda @alabaeye @species @toka please read the following chest reporting request and feedback, where you would be willing to participate or feedback to a draft of some of us. Who would participate in drafting? Who would give feedback?

From: CHEST - preparation of your interim report

First of all I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you and your team a successful year 2016!

As you are probably aware, the first half of your CHEST funding period is coming to an end - and thus time to prepare your interim report which is due by February 15 2016.

Enclosed you’ll find the template for interim report. As you will notice, it is similar to the Social Impact Plan (SIP) that you already provided in order to keep the work load for you as low as possible. However, this does not mean that you should simply copy&paste content from your SIP, but rather revise it and update/extend where possible. To help you in this, I am attaching our feedback on your SIP. Please consider each comment carefully when writing your Interim Report (n.b.: there is no need to re-submit your SIP).

In the interim report template there are also new sections to fill, for example a detailed description of the work you have carried out during the last 5 months or a set of Key Performance Indicators helping to monitor your progress. Also, we ask you to carry out an early concept test of your solution and describe the lessons you learned from this early evaluation (many of you have done this already, those who haven’t are requested you do this before the end of January).

As a general remark: please read the introductory guidelines for each section carefully and keep them in mind when writing your contents.

Please send us your interim report no later than February 15 preferably as Word document.

If you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
(contact via Josef)

Attached to the email for the 2nd report, we got feedback to the Social Impact Plan, which is worth to read, and the template to fill for the Interim Report, which gives bases to the 2nd installment beginning of March.

You can also find all documents so far on reporting and dissemination in the Owncloud folder for all Chest reporting documents.

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I will start writing the CHEST report that is due on mon 15th in 10 days. As soon as I got some overview, I will invite you for contribution.

Contribution highly welcome @Scrumteam1

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@Scrumteam1 as I am currently not well, I requested an extension of the deadline for the comming CHEST interim report, and we got one more week granted. I had a look in the template and will start a first draft around the weekend.

Thank you.

Good process in Witzenhausen : )

Offering pixelHumain's Communecter to Shareable for their Map Jam needs | Evaluating open data of cities in the United States of America
Offering pixelHumain's Communecter to Shareable for their Map Jam needs | Evaluating open data of cities in the United States of America
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Let us know when you have a first draft, but get well first!

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@josefkreitmayer Any updates on this?

Should be interesting for @Scrumteam1 to read a draft during the Witzenhausen Hackathon for collaborative review and comment.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #8


I am resuming my work starting today.
There was a location change inbetween, and I am now fully recovered.

We can delay until latest wednesday the comming week. I will provide all relevant draft documents by tomorrow noon.

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@josefkreitmayer Please try to provide any drafted documents at any given stage of your workflow without the need for attached false shame regarding quality or completeness of your contribution.

You may also be interested in reading :page_facing_up: Check in early, check in often.

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please find the latest draft here:

I actually realized, that I will not be able to provide the further developed draft by tomorrow midday.

Any contribution is welcome.

Note to the file being a .doc-file: Unfortunately it is formated in a way, that opening and saving with libre-office or open-office does harm to some of the formating. Therefor, please do not make any unrecorded changes in the file itself. Feel free to make any changes with colour coding or other visible markers, and save it as ods. I will then search for the changes and c&p them to the .doc file.

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template tech-developent chest-report.pdf (108.5 KB) This is the part that needs technical assistance. I try to bring it to hypothesis.

@species, @gandhiano, @almereyda

Here is the hypothesis link for annotations, if you want to make comments directly there, and also to see the structure. For working on some of the questions, we have an etherpad, as suggested by @species and @gandhiano. Please fill the respective technical questions there:

@species @gandhiano will work on it on thursday morning.

(Jon Richter) #12

Thursday sounds good for a working session.

I had a first look into the documents and provided early comments to the Deliverables section.

Additionally I get the impression the

was only superficially linked to the draft document (Which one?)

However I feel Matthias Becker’s comments are sometimes valuable guidelines, despite the Hypothes’ed link above only covers not even 5% of the whole Interim Report. Who is going to rewrite all the rest of the 42 pages in conformance with the community within the next days?

And despite our Social Impact Plan was merely a skeleton and our Communication Plan merely a bulletpoint list, I wish we can provide a proper Interims Report this time that doesn’t leave any questions open.

I will take time to look into Work Packages and the more strategic continuous text above these tables in the document.

@alabaeye @gandhiano You definitely have to have a look at the whole overall document, currently entitled CHEST Call 3 Interim Report Template_docfile_draft_v1.01.doc within the ~/ownCloud/TransforMap/Projects/CHEST/reporting documents/3. Interim Report path.

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thx @almereyda,

Just bear in mind for how much energy we put into this, as it is an interim report, and the final report and what we actually produce is what will matter. From the technical side, especially input is required for the section that I extracted, and put on the etherpad above, but you are right, it will also make sense to take a look at the bigger picture.

@gandhiano @species, as you both mentioned to be quite tense with time, please take it where reasonable. There is not expectation towards contributing (from my side) apart from the technical section. Further contribution is welcome. You can also just overview and review segments you find interesting.

There is now also a draft v.1.03.
I will provide a final pre-revision draft for tomorrow thursday.

Sorry for any delays, there is also a big process with the SSEDAS Taxonomy going on simultaniously, and I still got some health issues (minor now, but still literally a pain in the …) besides … spending my last days here in India. Where the later is no excuse, as I decided to be in that position.

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The documentation regarding the current state of this conversation lives at

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #15

So, we are moving on with the report and especially @species put a lot of effort on the report etherpad, so that there is not much left to do. Still, we find appropriate to get some contributions from @almereyda and @alabaeye to it.

@alabaeye we would appreciate your contribution for describing the progress on WP3 - community building. I think it would be nice to put together a short description of what we did with the workshops, webinars, etc., plus the continuous communication processes happening with the communities.

From @almereyda we need at least a description for WP2 D7 (Backend/Frontend: assessment of existing solutions and/or development of an online tool to visualize, map and integrate different taxonomies in multiple languages) and WP1 and WP2 description in general.

@josefkreitmayer can also contribute to WP1, ideally in exchange with badgers (@Silke ?) plus adding SSEDAS related aspects to the WP3.

(Jon Richter) #16

I didn’t find time yet to look at the Work Packages, but I have included the accidentally overseen comments from yesterday into the Etherpad. They will afford a few reformulations to adapt to the existing text and also be a bit more concise, as requested.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #20

@scrumteam1 here is the final draft >> hypothesis link

Please take some time to comment,
especially the project sustainability (page 22) and risk assesment (page 24). We have time until monday to deliver it.

I will integrate all feedback on monday morning 8:30 and send it then before 10:00. Please make your comments before that.

Thanks to especially @almereyda and @gandhiano for reminding me, that it is (not) just a report, and can help us to refine how we go forward with the project. It is non-binding, but might give direction.
CHEST Call 3 Interim Report Template_docx_v1.08.pdf (715.6 KB)

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Good morning Josef, please check the pad and the annotations.
I am skipping

for now despite they need major rework, but I am falling asleep.
Thank you & good night.

addendum Please also include the newest addition.

See all comments lined up under the ‘transformap’ tag. (via)

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I sent the report today at 10:50.

Thank you @almereyda for your comments to integrate now and to build on in the future. Those integrated immediately are commented with done or integrated.

That work package is now done. For the future development, there is certainly some topics, that @almereyda touched in his remarks, that are worth exploring further.