Chimere OSM mashup - editor system


As I am going through the list of the mapping of mappings, in search for editors, I found some french projects using Chimere, which was at some places stated as 2008 - 2012, but I found a website, where the main developer Etienne Loks wrote in may 2015, that the development is continuing, and someplace I also saw 2008 - 2015

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Thanks to Yohan Boniface @ybon and Raphaël Droz for their patches.

yes. I had talked with @Simon_Sarazin or other frenchies about it, they were kind of saying that it was a bit buggy and not being actualized. Good to know that this Etienne is still updating it.
However, I find the idea to build upon Umap a better bet given that it is being used by thousands of people making maps and it’s good code (according to @almereyda).

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@alabaeye I opted for the Umap list on github, and it is quite active, so apparently there is a lot of people appyling it.