Collecting current active contributors and wider circle of transformaptivists

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

As for the presentation of 15mmm we did an overview, which organizations and partners are involved in the Transformap environment, it might as well be interesting to get an overview on who the current contributors is, and to what extent.

At some time, there was a @team notification implemented, that activated the following people.

@TDoennebrink, @toka, @josefkreitmayer, @wellemut, @Giuliana, @Silke, @species, @alabaeye, @rene, @iramollay, @amy, @elfpavlik, @Michael, @EllenFriedman, @DagmarE, @kei, @DavidBollier, @gandhiano

  • I see @almereyda missing in that list,
  • and think there is also people, that currently might be quite distant e.g. @iramollay.
  • Also @fraukehehl is not in there, and I guess many others. @DavidW
  • There is also the question, who would consider herself/himself part of a current “Team” that takes care for Transformap and is therefor part in the flow of communication.

##So here comes a request:

  1. Please ask questions, if you need any information about the current state of TransforMap?
  • Please ask specific questions, if you were involved with some activity and would like to know, how that is doing, where your contribution led to.
  • Please put requests, how you would like to be informed / integrated in the process.
  • Please make an announcement, about your current engagement:
  • that you would like to be informed, but currently not contribute too much, as your core enagegement is somewhere else curretly.
  • that you are currently very active and would like to let others know about it.

proposal: have english as main language
Calling in the Monkey Circle
(Adrien Labaeye) #2

That’s many different requests… I appreciate your effort to reach out, but we need to formulate simpler requests if we want feedback. I find it hard to start with. And this is a topic that I’m interested in, so I’d like to see the situation improve around the topic you raise.

In particular, the following is not clear to me:

That question is far too broad I think. What “flow of communication”? There are flows through various media…

I’m keen in supporting your effort, but first I need to understand what exactly do you want to achieve here? Having people saying “I’m alive”? Define a team which would receive communications others don’t?..
I have the feeling that what you trying to achieve will need more work than this post…

(Josef Kreitmayer) #3

@alabaeye thank you for your interest and contribution.

The question about the “Team” is direcly related to the discourse “ping” “@team”, that currently activates: TDoennebrink, toka, josefkreitmayer, wellemut, Giuliana, Silke, species, alabaeye, rene, iramollay, amy, elfpavlik, Michael, EllenFriedman, DagmarE, kei, DavidBollier, gandhiano

Please feel free to rework my request.
It is in general related to get an idea, where people currently see themselves in the involvement, and as well where they would like to be. Probably there is also general questions, timeframes, interests, … involved.

As you @alabaeye make very clear to me, that my attempt is to un-organized, I just formulated something, that I do not ping forward to the people, in order not to molest them. I wonder, what could be a good format to ask people about the requests in a way, they can answer.

#Would a re-ocurring “contributors questionnaire” probably be a good idea?

people in other places/conversation stated, how their involvement currently changes, or changed. The exact meaning is currently not clear, and the attempt of my request is to get an understanding, how people would like to be involved.

As it is not part of the current sprint, it might also not be the right time, but needs integration in the next sprint.

toka currently does have little time, and a question would be, if that changes in the near future, or how you would like to make a public announcement about how you currently see your involvement. Thomas, that would be great, to give some understanding on how to involve you.

TDoennebrink clearly stated, that he currently has his focus somewhere else. Thomas, really appreciate the clarity. If you would like to write one or two words, how you would like to be informed, where to be invited, that would be great.

Giuliana told me, that she will be involved in professional translation again, as they need her in her former work to train new colleagues.

Silke clearly stated, that she wants to take a step back, at the same time (I am very thankful for that), that she would like to follow invitations to face to face meetings, as well as contributing to discourse here and there.

Helmut was contacted by me some time ago, and tried to contact me this week (need to get back asap)


#I especially see a kind of lock in, when it is about general decision making. It would be good to know, who would like to be involved in which way, as well as abilities to participate and technical accessibility.

(Adrien Labaeye) #4

That is making your motivation clearer :smile:

A contributors questionnaire (very brief to make it short to fill) could be a good thing yes when we feel there is little overview on the level of involvement of various contributors.
The re-occuring could be on an ad’hoc basis (when we need) - that happens anyway for those in the sprint.
What about the following questions to ask? (just a start to be improved)

  1. how do you see your level of involvement within the next months? passive, occasionnally active, regularly active
  • in which area are you planning to contribute?
  • is there anything that would help you getting more involved?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #5
  • How informed do you feel?
  • What information would you like to get, or feel missing?
  • How would you see yourself with technical tools? (question needs iteration) can handle easily, can learn, it is very difficult for me
  • Which of the current tools do you use or are the most relevant for you (german mailinglist, english mailinglist, discourse, twitter, website, blog, trello, face to face meetings, personal emails, mumble, skype or other online meeting portal, jabber, loomio [currently not in use]) (probably also with the questions: do I use, do I know)

(Helmut) #6

Vielen Dank, Josef, dass du versucht uns up zu daten.

Gibt es manchmal auch einen Newsletter per Mail?

Die Karte von morgen hat dieses Wochenende in Bensheim einen Hackaton
und optimiert ihre zwei Prototypen.

lieben GruĂź

Map editors - assessing current solutions and building our own editor
(Ellen Friedman) #7

Hello Transformappers,

Thanks for reaching out. I definitely plan to stay involved but not very engaged in discussions. Most of my time is focused on relaunching a counseling practice with a new specialty - behavioral sleep medicine/cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia.

There has been a big development in CommonSpark’s project to catalog commons. We were struggling to get a wiki set up when I discovered that a wiki has been created to catalog commons at the Commons Transition website. We decided to close our effort to create CommonsScope and instead have joined Commons Transition as a contributor. I plan to catalog commons there and will map any that have geo coordinates here at the TransforMap. I have several hundred possible points to vet and add to both the Commons Transition wiki and TransforMap. Given my time-constraints, my involvement will be slow but steady and well into the new year.

I feel as informed as I need to be at this point. I appreciate the updates I receive in the TransforMap digest. Ongoing information I need is anything that relates to changes in the mapping/documentation process. My only question is where do I document the points I identify? Should I continue to use the TransforMap wiki like we did during our beta test?

(Thomas Dönnebrink) #8

Hallo Michael,

sehe deine mail leider erst jetzt, daher sorry für die späte Rückmeldung. Ich habe mich ja - wie vor einigen Wochen geschrieben aus TransforMap auf absehbare Zeit zurückgezogen, da zeitlicher und organisatorischer Zielkonflikt mit einer Vielzahl anderer Projekte. Wünsche euch gutes Gelingen und muss auch bei mir zunächst was abarbeiten, sowie Ordnung und Struktur bei mir reinbekommen, bevor ich wieder im Aussen arbeiten kann.


Thomas Dönnebrink
OuiShare Connector Germany & Berlin
Freelancer Collaborative Economy

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(Thomas Kalka) #9

Ellen, thank you for giving us your time.

If"Commons Transition" wiki would add the Semantic Maps, then you could do the mapping right there. In my oponion we should prefer to search for p2p-like solutions instead to try to edit all data on one spot. I will try to learn, which semantic network you build on the Commons Transition wiki.

Yes, this is still an option. Unfortunately I did not have found time to implement your improvement suggestions. Improving the geographic coordinate editor would benefit all semantic medawiki instances, which use the semantic maps plugin.

(Ellen Friedman) #10

Thanks, Thomas. The Commons Transition wiki is built with mediawiki. That’s a great idea to add mapping to the site. I’ll make that suggestion.

Between travel and work, I won’t have time to do much on these projects in the first half of November. I’ll update you when I know more.

(Ellen Friedman) #11

Hey @toka, I heard back from Stacco that the semantic plug in has been installed on the Commons Transition wiki. They’re working on getting some training on how to use it. So it’s possible the TransforMap could be embedded in their wiki. I