Collecting Intermapping Communities, late 2018

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(TransforMap Collective) #1

Dearest @Intermapping communities,

in preparation of upcoming activities, we have come to understand that there may be two types of alignment to Intermapping and its charter, that participating people and organisations follow practically.

  1. One group actively pushes the Intermapping affairs constantly forward on many levels and in many places. This rather loose network consists of passionate individuals, who often mobilise support from their organisations to gather for knowledge exchange and actively relate to mapping activities.
  2. Another group is surrounding the community for long times and only occassionally getting in direct contact. They seem to be interested in crowdmapping and its practical uses in general and build bridges to other networks.

In preparation of the next event in Berlin, we are asked to reveal ourselves and our communities to the wider public. Despite it may feel foreign to some activist practices to expose one’s identity this openly in the public, this is commonplace for those who are seeking to work globally in the public domain, producing open data and freely licenced open source software. We’re public figures, after all. Let’s stand together to show ourselves who we are.

To support the Intermapping aims, as outlined in the draft of :scroll: a charter, me and/or my group/collective/organisation would like to sign a …

  • Letter of Intent
    By which we express commitment to participate in group activities and to prepare and run them at times.
  • Letter of Support
    By which we express interest in crowdmapping and its use for what is often called a socio-ecological transformation in general.

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If you want to help guessing our social reach, please also do respond with a comment that indicates at least the name of your group/collective/organisation. More details, like a website link or size (i.e. number of members, networks, projects), will only help our exchange.

The actual documents can be prepared afterwards.

monthly Intermapping - September '18
Calling for an Intermapping weekend end of 2018
(Jon Richter) #2

As a volunteer, a member, its only employee and a member of its board, I am here for the Ecobytes network ( to support the many mapping multitudes. We employ voluntary means and the association itself as an asset for a collective economy. The digital artefacts which are produced along the way enter a computational commons and are maintained for availability in the long term. As such we aggregated the TransforMap testbed, provide public communication tools to increase transparent exchange via and, and also help out in one or the other data visualisation projects.

We have about 80 members, of which some are networks themselves. We like to participate in their prospects, and through that our infrastructure combines the experiences and needs from a wide variety of communities. Main partners are Netzwerk Solidarische Landwirtschaft (CSA network) in Germany, Research & Degrowth, the Degrowth Support Group, next ot other initiatives around food sovereignity, digital infrastructure, independent publication and free knowledge.

We are happy to sign a letter of intent.

Dates for Intermapping weekend in Berlin, December 2018?
(Matt Wallis) #3

I work with the Solidarity Economy Association, a co-op based in Oxford, UK. I’m creating open data (using Linked Data technology) and open source map software to display that data. The software is in a repository on GitHub.

(Jon Richter) #4

(Maïa Dereva) #5

I express my interest in cross-mapping approaches, but I cannot make a long-term commitment to participate in activities.