Collecting supporter and partner logos

(Sam Rossiter) #75

Hi all we had a bit of a chat about it today.

Transition Network is happy to be a supporting organisation and for our logo to be used.



(Silke ) #76

super! Sam! Thanks for the support and spread the word!

(Jon Richter) #77

Thanks for your trust in our effort. To ask directly: Would you also have the Transition Network logo as SVG, too?

(Thomas Kalka) #78

If not: I converted it to SVG

(Jon Richter) #79

@SamRossiter I think this can count as official, no?

(Sam Rossiter) #80

Yes, I just sent a mail to from my email account to confirm…



(Thomas Kalka) #81

I think @almereyda was not asking about your reputation but if my conversion to svg will be approved by transformap as official logo. I have traced the jpg bitmap to a path, so it looks different, if you take a closer look.

(Jon Richter) #82

approved by transition network, i think.

(Sam Rossiter) #83

@toka @almereyda

Ah yes :slight_smile: probably not a bad idea to get an email confirmation though. I could be anyone claiming to be Transition Network…

I don’t have an original SVG either. I do have one I converted from a Adobe illustrator file that looks much the same as yours:

(Jon Richter) #84

escalated into a task card at :clipboard:

(Jon Richter) #85

The bottom of this websites shows pretty well, how I imagine the logo area:

(Thomas Kalka) #86

Grid layout is much easier to implement compared to the current layout.

(Michael Maier) #87


And it is easier to link to our partners!