Collection of Mappings before the move to

ok. Fine.

how can I edit the name of an entry? see below, there is a typo in the name… “o” instead of “m”

right of Edit/View history: select More -> Move

don’t know, weather you have enough rights to do it …

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you have the rights; there are two pages about this network:

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great, thanks!

look, we got maps:


great! now that’s a great intermediary tool to be systematically used!
Does it convert the address into the coordinates automatically?
We could do some imports from the data we have in Berlin. Where can I do that?

As it seems you’re on full speed, I make a list of Easter wishes :smile:

  • the map of POI could be accessible on the overview page somehow (done). And its name in menu could be “map” instead of “POI types” (done)
  • different colours for events and place
  • display of ‘POI type’ under the name in pop-up
  • better drop icon: eg. the drop icon in Umap. There are a few on nounproject, some are public domain. I’ll have a look at those. (Provided that it can be implemented in the map extension). The icon “location” by Daniele Marucci is nice (somehow you can’t link to the icon directly)
  • learn some programming to make those changes myself :smile:
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address conversion is buggy; the only solution i have found by accident:

enter the address in the location field; then click on “preview” (at the bottom)
after that the address is converted to a location


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I moved 2 posts to a new topic: How to add new regions ?

adress conversion is repaired now

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About form for Mapping:
I’m not super satisfied of the field “License URL”. We could already collect more information.
Two things I’m interested to know about:

  • license for data
  • license for platform/software

I understand we don’t want to clutter the form. So any idea to improve the situation without just adding two fields?

hm. I do not see a problem in adding more fields.

let just add the fields then. :slight_smile:

0. Anything new on this? I would like to be able to add such info. :smile:
1. I'll try to add the fields, but I'm not sure at all I can manage. Maybe you could give me the URL of the form template to edit. I struggle to find it... 
2. oh I think I found it:
3. I added: 

! Data License:
| {{{field|data license}}}


! Platform license
| [[platform license::{{{platform license|}}}]]

4. The field now appears while editing, but not on display... :/
5. It is now on display as I've found the url to edit: 

:smile: :smile:

We should further refine the various fields we want to see appear. The field “License URL” is in the edit form but not on display template… should we show everything? Risk to clutter…

Should we add a field “Repository”? It seems very few have such. So far I put it in remarks.

We will have to improve the forms if we find time to work together in a real space …


Di don’t know where to comment exactly anyway does someone know Realeconomylab …are you already collaborating?

Thanks for your answerssssss…


Maybe @almereyda?

It seems like a commercial platform though, with no open source code. Did you have any specific integration or collaboration in mind?

Not really just insert it in the mapping resources…for transformap…shall I ? What about metamaps?
I am not a coder…or a programmer designer or so…trying to study this thing about taxonomy with some support but Aramaic really…

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