collection of pads and protocols

(TransforMap Collective) #1

#Find an overview of most pads, minutes, protocols here:

2014 first overview of existing mapping initiatives (first brainstorming german):

Mapping Meeting Munich '14
backup + protokoll :

TELKOs (telephone conferences) of the Taxonomy Circle (in german)
2014-04-14 and 2014-04-16.

may 2014: first public web-appearance

Aug 2014: pre Degrowth Press release:

September 3, 2014: Workshop at the 4th International Degrowth Conference | Leipzig
Global Launch of Transformap

September 3, 2014
Protokoll: Work-meeting after mapping-workshop at Degrowth Conference (german)

2014-09 Structure of 14 MMM/ process by Adrien Labaeye

Degrowth Follow Up / Milestones 2015 ( german, Nächste Meilensteine 2015)

2014-10-06 discussion of licensing Problems with GMaps data:

October 2014: Protocol of meeting at Elevate 2014, Graz:

End Oct 2014: Jon & Michael Vesely Meeting in Baden, Development Diagram:

28th Nov 2014 Protocol of 1st Taxonomy Telco:

30th Nov 2014 Protocol of 2nd Taxonomy Telco:

2014-12-02 Log of Tax telco:
telko organization:

Ethercalc with TransforMap POIs (Presets)

Ethercalc for (temporary) developing the taxonomy:

Summary of End-Of-Year 2014 Tech Telco:

2014-12-21 Testing pouchDB Jon, Michael M. Daniel

Jan. 2015: Potsdam Mapping Meeting, Programm & Protokoll:

2015-03-11: Protokoll Treffen in Berlin

2015-05-13 - Regional coordinatrs- for 15MMM (german)

2015-06: Mapping Meeting Munich

2015-07 Craftwomanship Mumble-Meeting (pre Solikon)
1st. Craftwomanship circle meeting 2015-07

2015-09: Solikon TransforMap Work Week

2015-10 Craftwomanship Mumble-Meetings (post Solikon / preWitzenhausen)

2015-10 & 11 CHEST related

2015-11-02 (-05) Witzenhausen Sprint Retrospective and Planning meeting

SUSY Map Category development

Summer 2016 Planning Meeting

Notes for Map Viewer Development

Notes for setting up Wikibase

Bi-Weekly Sit-In Pads:

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