Community engagement during Feb 2016 Hackathon

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

In this topic we discuss the preparations of the community engagement activities for the February hackathon in Witzenhausen.

A first proposal.

  • Q&A Webinars on 12.02 and 19.2 at 12:00 (I believe that’s the best of the time. Later in the afternoon people are on the road, planning the weekend, finishing stuff).
    • Participants: Gualter Barbas Bapista (Project and community management, systems administration), Michael Maier (OSM engineer), Jon Richter (geodata engineer and deployment), Adrien Labaeye (Research and Community engagement), @maxlath (API developer) .
    • Invitation text: “
      Join Transformap’s Q&A webinar on Friday 12.02 at 12:00 CET (link). The core contributors’ team will be there to answer all your questions, from tech, how-to to the commoning process.
      From 8th to 21st for February the core contributors’ team is based in Witzenhausen, Germany at the Transition House to build the Transformap infrastucture: API, Geodatabase, taxonomy storage in Wikidata, etc. This webinar is an occasion to get updated about the status progress in the Transformap process.
      Not available on Friday? You can also send your question by tweeting to @transformap or the mailing list or even better join the conversation on the forum.
      Oh and by the way, you’re a developer and want to plug in the conversation and follow what’s going on during those two week of intensive work, check our Github!
      ADD blurb about mailing list + short input on the past months”
    • Method: we’ll start with a short project update, people can ask questions directly in chat, we’ll also make a summary of the online communication. The Webinar will be live document on a pad that will later be distributed as report for those not being there.
    • communication tool: Hangout or another reliable tool accessible to most (a webRTC?).
  • 10 minutes Twitter session every day at 17:30 to engage with community and partners, give short updates, and avoid losing focus the rest of the time.

Hackathon logistics
Hackathon logistics
(Josef Kreitmayer) #2

What tool for the webinar would you suggest?

Should we simply stick with skype, google hangouts, or do we need something else?

Pretty everyone has skype, and I had a call with 24 participants for SSEDAS recently which worked very well. Video needs very good bandwith, screenshare is not possible. People need to send contact requests and then need to be invited to the conversation.

Google Hangouts
Can google hangouts simply be joined from a public link? I think one has to agree on installing some Google components, and then it runs pretty smooth. No idea about how good it works on linux.

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

Would use hangout as one can provide a link without setup for viewing only and generally working well.

(frido) #4

where are you going to post the link?
i have been looking for it desperately